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Inmarsat Protocols

Broadband Global Area Network is a Satellite-based communication network with global coverage offered by Inmarsat. It is used by independent service providers to offer a range of voice and broadband services. The service will enable delivery of Internet content, video-on-demand, video conferencing, fax, e-mail, voice, and VPN access at speeds up to 800 kbps accessed via a small, lightweight satellite terminal.

BGAN Technology offered by GateHouse

BGAN Protocol Stack

Need to rapidly deliver a high-quality product to market? The BGAN Protocol Stack got you covered. The BGAN Protocol Stack supports all terminal classes defined by Inmarsat and it is integrated into various terminals such as Land, Maritime, Aviation, and Space.

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BGAN Application Framework

Minimize the risk, cost, and time of integration of a new protocol stack with the BGAN Application Framework. The tool includes features related to building a BGAN terminal. It is developed for terminal manufacturers to optimize the process of developing an application layer.

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BGAN Software Defined Radio

In need of incorporating BGAN capability on Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms? The GateHouse BGAN solution for SDR is a complete waveform. Type approved by Inmarsat for the Inmarsat BGAN satellite system. Applicable to any segment; commercial or military.

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SB-SAT Protocol Stack (IDRS)

SB-SAT technology enables relay of data from and to LEO via GEO satellites for real-time connectivity. Reduce time, cost and risks involved in development of an SB-SAT terminal with the SB-SAT protocol stack. Intersatellite Data Relay Services (IDRS) bring the capabilities of the Inmarsat BGAN system to space.

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Technology partner to Inmarsat

GateHouse has a long-term cooperation and partnership with Inmarsat and has supplied the complete BGAN Protocol Stack (including UMTS NAS) as a reference implementation used to validate Inmarsat MTR scripts and associated type approval equipment.


How does GateHouse’s protocols match Inmarsat’s services?

Inmarsat provides a number of broadband services based on BGAN technology and their robust, reliable and global satellite-based infrastructure. They are offered under the names of:

And they are all served by GateHouse’s Inmarsat Protocols:

So even though the naming is different, the services offered match the Inmarsat portfolio.

inmarsat protocols

The BGAN system

The BGAN system consists of a space segment, a ground segment and a user terminal segment. A keystone is 4 Inmarsat I-4 satellites operating from geostationary orbit 36,000 km above equator which means that they will have the same relative position to the earth surface at any time. The satellites are controlled from the Satellite Control Centre (SCC) at Inmarsat Headquarters in London. The control teams there are responsible for keeping the satellites in position and for ensuring that the onboard systems are always fully functional.


Reliability of 99.9 % availability

BGAN applies a bent-pipe satellite link concept which means that there is no processing of data in the satellite. Data transmitted from the user terminal is forwarded unchanged to the ground station and data transmitted to the user terminal is received from the ground station. BGAN applies signalling messages for handling the fact that user terminals are mobile. Channels and beams are managed by the ground station and user terminals are instructed which channels have been allocated via signalling.

The BGAN system is using L-band for robustness and has demonstrated a reliability of 99.9 % availability. Furthermore, it meets all military and government requirements for example supporting VPN.

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