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BGAN Application Framework

Minimize the risk, cost, and time of integration of a new protocol stack with the GateHouse BGAN Application Framework (BAF). The tool includes many mandatory features related to building a BGAN terminal. The BAF is developed for terminal manufacturers who want to improve control and optimize the process of developing an application layer.

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Rapid prototyping

BAF is already integrated with BPS and works out-of-the-box. Only integration with USIM, GPS and the physical layer is necessary to use the platform for IP data transfers. This significantly reduces the effort needed for prototyping.


The fact that BAF is a mature software framework ensures that the customer will get a head start creating a stable product. This is a benefit to you as a terminal manufacturer as documented stability ensures optimal end-user experience.


BAF includes a simple API for interfacing to the MMI of a user terminal, such as keypad and display. The API enables user assisted antenna pointing and GPS position display. No AT command interface or complex ETSI 3GPP API is needed. Instead terminal developers can use a well-documented interface hiding the complexity of BGAN.

High-quality and reliable software

BAF is an extension of the GateHouse BGAN Protocol Stack (BPS). BAF is high-quality and extremely reliable software. It can easily be extended according to customer requirements, minimizing the risk, cost, and time of delivery for a BGAN application layer. BAF utilizes the ETSI defined API in BPS. The ETSI interface is a generic interface for UMTS protocol stacks and relatively complex. Therefore, BAF is designed to encapsulate the complexity of the usage of the ETSI API. BAF architecture is shown in the figure above. It illustrates how BAF encapsulates the complex ETSI 3GPP interface consisting of several Service Access Points (SAP’s) (RABM, SM, PLMN, GMM, MM, AP, SMS, CC, SS and VC/HL).

Key components

The key components of the BGAN Application Framework are:

  • Standard AT Handler also supporting BGAN specific commands
  • Handlers for Network Access Control, Packet Switched and Circuit Switched calls, including SMS

The AT handler also supports the Inmarsat BGAN terminal application: LaunchPad.

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Maximize profitability

The BGAN Application Framework enables you to maximize profitability with fast time to delivery enabled by documented maturity and low risks. The probability of end customer loyalty and satisfaction is also very high, as BAF is an industry wide recognized and mature product.

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Customize to any special functionality

BAF is an example of how the application layer of a BGAN terminal can be implemented and extended according to the customer’s platform requirements, if any special functionality is needed. This allows you to focus on the implementation of the physical layer and platform. BAF and BPS are fully portable and can even run on Windows for early integration and testing.

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