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At Gatehouse, we create and evolve technology that matters to people.
Explore our business units Gatehouse Satcom, CleanQuote and Gatehouse Maritime.

Gatehouse Satcom

Gatehouse Satcom

Market-leading software for the satellite communications industry, consulting and services. We help our clients create and realize their 5G NTN strategy based on solid technical research

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Gatehouse Maritime

Protecting governments’ and organizations’ subsea assets and national waters with pristine data and software . Also offering Ocean Visibility and real time tracking solutions for logistics tech providers

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CleanQuote connects vessel operators and ship owners with suppliers of Underwater Cleaning, Hold Cleaning Supplies and Cleaning Crews in +1000 ports worldwide. Vessel cleaning done easy.

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About Gatehouse

Gatehouse delivers the software that guarantees effective and secure communication between systems – every time. That is why Gatehouse supports live tracking and monitoring of more than 150,000 assets within different businesses and delivers mission critical solutions in satellite communication. Each day hundreds of companies and authorities all over the world depend on Gatehouse.

Gatehouse was founded in 1992 by Michael Bondo Andersen, and has during the last decade risen to become a well-known international player in the software industry. Gatehouse has references on all continents and is a stable and experienced partner with a strong economy.


High quality software solutions

Highly skilled M.Sc. and PhD are employed at GateHouse mainly within engineering and business development. All employees work targeted on the basis of strategy and action plans to ensure persistent quality and development.

Gatehouse has a continuous focus on delivering high quality software – a focus which has become the company’s hallmark. One of the many ways we ensure quality is by conforming to the International Standard DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 concerning quality management systems.

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Key figures


Nørresundby, Denmark


Tampa, Florida



Staff increase

49% over the last year


Market potential in Gatehouse SatCom

Within the satcom market, numbers indicate that especially satellite 5G will disrupt the IoT market. Based on several reliable sources, we estimate that about 43 million satellite IoT devices will be ‘in service’ in 2030.

Collaboration on standardization

Gatehouse Satcom is at the forefront of development of standardized software for 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks. As an active member of 3GPP, Gatehouse Satcom is actively contributing to the standardization processes regarding 5G NTN by participating in ETSI and 3GPP working groups.

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Protecting subsea assets and national waters

GateHouse Maritime empowers global maritime key players to create true ocean intelligence for vessel surveillance, subsea asset protection, risk management for illegal marine activities, and smart maritime operations.

Ocean Visibility brings transparency to ocean supply chains

Since GateHouse Maritime was founded, we have been experts in capturing and making maritime data available to clients. We have a unique data foundation which will ensure multiple revenue streams going forward. Our clients are already using our historical, real-time and predictive data to increase their insight and visibility.

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Leadership Team

Kenney Vesteraa Christiansen - Gatehouse

Kenney Schmidt Christiansen

CEO of Gatehouse, Gatehouse Satcom & Gatehouse Maritime
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Jesper Noer

Jesper Noer

VP Commercial of Gatehouse Satcom & Gatehouse Maritime
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Claus Svendsen

HR Director of Gatehouse A/S
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Søren Rønnest

VP Satcom Technology of Gatehouse Satcom
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Claus Siggaard Andersen

VP MaritimeTechnology of Gatehouse Maritime
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Jørgen Brøndgaard Nielsen

COO of Gatehouse Satcom & Gatehouse Maritime
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