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BGAN Protocol Stack

Need to rapidly deliver a high-quality product to market? The BGAN Protocol Stack got you covered.

The BGAN Protocol Stack supports all terminal classes defined by Inmarsat and it is integrated into various terminals:

  • Land portable
  • Land mobile
  • Maritime
  • Aviation
  • Space

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Reduce risks

If you are developing a new BGAN user terminal, the BGAN Protocol Stack is a must. It reduces costs and risks significantly as the product is already proven. This means that you can fully focus on building the terminals and the specific feature set for the terminals and bringing them to market.

Ensure testability

The re-usability, portability and testability of the BGAN Protocol Stack is demonstrated through several different customer implementations; in fact, it is implemented in more than 40 different products. You can feel safe knowing that the product is applicable to your needs.

Mature software

More than 120,000 terminals have been licensed with the GateHouse Protocol Stack. Using the mature BGAN Protocol Stack will release resources to focus on the important features targeting your customers’ needs and hereby ensure your differentiation in the market.

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The benefits in short:

  • Mature software with several type approvals
  • Highly generic and portable
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Support of advanced testing
  • Implemented in simple C++
  • Full featured

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Technology partner to Inmarsat

GateHouse has a long-term cooperation and partnership with Inmarsat and has supplied the complete BGAN Protocol Stack (including UMTS NAS) as a reference implementation used to validate Inmarsat MTR scripts and associated type approval equipment.

BGAN Protocol Stack as Software Core Module

BPS is the software core module to several BGAN user terminal manufacturers: DSpace, Addvalue Technologies, ComSine, Japan Radio Co., Honeywell and Thales. The BGAN Protocol Stack is a combined UMTS Non-Access Stratum stack (incl. PDCP) on top of the proprietary Inmarsat Access Stratum. Together with physical layer software and application layer it forms the required software for a BGAN user terminal.

BPS is a core component in the Inmarsat User Terminal Reference Stack which guarantees that BPS is compliant to Inmarsat System Definition Manual (SDM). BPS is thoroughly tested using Inmarsat MTR and over-the-air by BGAN satellite. Further, exhaustive testing is also done with GateHouse SatCom’s own automatic test suite which has been refined over many years. It is possible to integrate BPS with any physical layer, whether developed by the customer or offered by GateHouse SatCom.

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Create value for your customers

The BGAN Protocol Stack is a key component of any BGAN user terminal. With the BGAN Protocol Stack, you efficiently reduce the uncertainty related to development of a new terminal, hereby saving you both time and expenses. This way, you can focus your efforts on other features where you can create value for your customers.

Case: Honeywell’s optimization

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BGAN Network Emulator

Optimize testing processes and shorten time-to-market

With BPS, you get well-tested mature software. As a terminal manufacturer, you can reduce your development efforts, optimize your testing processes and shorten time-to-market. As a widely applied and mature protocol stack, any integration challenge is likely to have been solved by others already, and GateHouse will be able to assist you and your team during development for an efficient process.

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