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Maritime Port

Maritime Port enables easy and cost-effective management of arrivals and warps in ports of all sizes. A modern solution with online access and smartphone application for efficient and smooth service for all involved in your port operations. You can benefit from the many functionalities which suit the needs of port professionals perfectly.

About the solution

Maritime Port is an innovative solution that provides an overview of all ships, transiting to your port, and an overview of the utilization of the port’s berth capacity, making the handling of ships more efficient.

The web-based solution utilizes both terrestrial and satellite location data, making it possible to locate relevant ships at all times.

ETAs you can rely on

The predicted ETA – based on an advanced and proven algorithm – can be used for comparison with the ETA reported by the ship/enterprise system and a warning can be provided if they differ significantly. This gives you the opportunity to reduce waiting time for employees and business partners due to delayed ships.

Visual berth planning

Maritime Port enables you to present positions and ETAs of ships approaching your port at all times. It provides an overview of the allocated berths in the port based on the ETAs of ships arriving in the near future. The graphical overview makes the daily task of berth planning easier, more cost-effective and less prone to errors.

Better utilization of resources

With precise information about the arrival, berthing and departure of vessels in your port, you can optimize berth planning and utilization. Furthermore, you have all the information needed for reliable and precise billing, hereby eliminating the risk and cost of manual errors.

Ocean Supply Chain Visibility


  • Reduce waiting time for employees and business partners due to delayed ships
  • Optimize the utilization of assets in your port, for example cranes, tugs, pilots etc.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with modern port services
  • A web-based solution – work from anywhere
  • Identify perpetrators in connection with accidents in your port

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Easy to integrate

The solution can easily be integrated with any enterprise system, allowing you access to all the data you need in one user-friendly solution. Easy sharing of information also enables frictionless coordination with colleagues or other relevant maritime operators. The arrivals, booked in the enterprise system, can then be shown in Maritime Port in both list form and with a graphical representation of each ship. Additionally, port operators can add any enterprise information such as ETA and quay/pier/bollard assignment into Maritime Port.

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Smartphone Application

The people working on the port can, through a user-friendly smart phone application, see the arrivals and ETA as well as the ships on a map. As an example, this will allow a crane operator to easily know when to expect an arrival, and people on the incoming shift can check the arrival of the first ship on their watch from home.

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