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Maritime Intelligence

Enhance control through increased maritime domain awareness. Real-time and historical data delivered in a user-friendly format for situational awareness without information overload.
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Enhance control

Extract valuable intelligence and enhance control through increased maritime domain awareness

With more than 200,000 ships in transit daily, it is essential to filter data intelligently to create operational pictures for the world’s law enforcement authorities.

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The needle in the haystack

A range of intelligent detection features and algorithms are included in the Maritime Intelligence solution. These are essential, when it comes to providing users with a single relevant operational picture, i.e. to find the needle

Document illegal fishing

One of the latest features added to the solution enables identification and documentation of illegal fishing. What was once a time-consuming manual task can now be automated as the feature applies advanced machine learning to identify fishing patterns and cross referencing it with dark AIS responders or other indications of irregularities.

Identify dark AIS responders

The Transponder Off report enables you to generate a list of all vessels where the transponder has been switched off inside an area.

About the solution

Maritime Intelligence provides authorities and other governmental institutions with the full range of features available.

  • Maritime Intelligence includes a versatile range of advanced features, including:
  • Set up event detection and notifications
  • Tracking and investigating of perpetrators
  • Reliable ETA’s for perfect timing of controls
  • Share information online across international borders
  • Both historical and real-time data available

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Spend your time wisely

Around 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea. The amount of ships passing through territorial waters represents daily challenges to the world’s law enforcement authorities with regards to identifying and screening vessels. Maritime Intelligence automates screening and control processes, securing that the time is only spent on the real perpetrators. Having identified a suspicious vessel, the solution can help you answer questions like:

  • Where does the ship come from?
  • What route did it take?
  • Which ports where on the route?
  • Does the route deviate from the last visits?
  • Are there suspicious patterns with other ships?
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Identify perpetrators and investigate events

The event monitoring and replay functionality are powerful features when investigating and documenting ships’ historical whereabouts and behaviors. All stored data can be filtered and replayed. Reports can be used for legal documentation purposes.

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Be on the spot, at the right time

With the advanced detection and tracking of relevant ships, authorities can plan timely control visits in ports upon arrival. The included unique calculation of ETA (estimated time of arrival) enables exact tracking and calculation of the arrival time of the ship, ensuring that all control teams can be ready at the right time at the right place. The operational picture and case sensitive information can be accessed and/ or pushed to the mobile control units using mobile devices.

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Sharing information

Maritime Intelligence enables easy sharing of both real-time and historical information online. All historical data reports are available for the end-user and can be exported to authorities as CSV data files, zipped files and pdf format.

Experienced supplier to authorities worldwide

When it comes to data recording, data fusing, data mining, and data visualization, GateHouse Maritime is second to none. We help our customers conquer the vast sea of data and convert numbers into meaning.

For this reason, we have a long track record for providing operational pictures and features to maritime authorities all over the world. This means that we have extensive experience with the special needs and considerations related to the daily work of maritime law enforcement authorities.

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React fast when something happens

With Maritime Intelligence, you get reliable ETA’s for perfect timing of controls and you can even set up event detection and notifications to react fast when something happens. The solution also enables you to track and investigate perpetrators.

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Historical and real-time data

For data recording, data fusing, data mining, and data visualization, Maritime Intelligence will do the job. Both historical and real-time data are available in the solution and you can share information online across international borders.