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December 04, 2015 / Spotlight

The BGAN Application Tester or the BGAN Network Emulator

You probably already know that thorough testing is essential in development of robust BGAN, FBB and SBB applications and terminals. But do you know which test tool best fits your needs?

GateHouse offers two test tools for testing BGAN, FBB and SBB:
  1. BNE (BGAN Network Emulator)
  2. BAT (BGAN Application Tester)

In general terms, the BNE is the most advanced tool and requires in-depth system knowledge to operate, but also allows for customized and automated testing. The BNE adds great value to terminal development and approval processes.

The BAT is targeted application testing. Compared to the BNE, it is easier to use and requires no special training. This makes the BAT an ideal tool for application developers with none or limited in-depth BGAN, FBB or SBB knowledge. The BAT is very valuable for simple terminal tests or even training scenarios for resellers, integrators or users of BGAN, FBB and SBB terminals, who needs to verify the functionality of the individual terminal or test with a terminal in a given setup.

The table below provides an overview of the general differences between the two products: