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No More Planning in the Dark with Port Congestion Estimates

Queuing vessels along the route and port congestions are very costly to handle. As the traffic at sea is increasing, so is the uncertainty surrounding expected pickup time for goods. 

With GateHouse Port Intelligence you can provide all the data your clients need pertaining to ports across the world. Help them handle the logistic challenges caused by port congestion and minimize costly impacts caused by the delays.  

Your customers will benefit from features, such as: 

  • A clear overview of the current port status of selected ports 
  • A list of ships about to anchor, even before entering a port 
  • Estimated dwell time of vessels at pie 
  • Anchorage waiting time for named vessels 

In this webinar, we discuss how including predictive data about port congestion can help your customers efficiently handle delays with early warnings and live data. 

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Dive into the webinar Q&A

When you are calculating port congestion and informing about number of vessels are you filtering any Vessels away?

Yes, we are only including Cargo ships in our calculations. Meaning we are not including passenger, tankers etc.

How are you delivering the statistics data?

As duration following an ISO standard. Indicating number of days, hours, minutes etc.

Is the ETA provided in UTC with timestamp?

We are receiving data from many different sources with many different timestamps, so we will convert all to UTC and can present it to you in whatever time zone you want.

Can other (on demand) geofences be applied to receive in/out alerts?

The short answer is yes, the somewhat longer is that GateHouse Maritime has a number of solutions around asset protection and surveillance, all of which are circling around vessels entering and exiting geofences and how alerts can be build around that. If you want to learn more please refer to Maritime Asset Protection.