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June 29th / Webinars / Satcom

Get a 5G NB-IoT NTN System Architecture Overview

Register and watch this free, on-demand webinar on 5G Narrowband-IoT NTN System Architecture. In this webinar you will discover:

  • The architecture and system elements needed to build a 5G NB-IoT NTN system
  • What you should consider for each of the elements
  • A typical use case for 5G NB-IoT NTN

There is an introduction of elements including the following: terminals, frequency band and spectrum, direct to satellite, ground infrastructure, feeder link, core network.

Please note that this is an overview of the architecture and not an in-depth discussion of the individual elements. In upcoming webinars, we will go into more detail with the individual elements based on participant feedback and interest.

Presenters: Product Director, Svend Holme Sørensen and Senior Software Architect, Henrik Krogh Møller

Register now and watch at your leisure.

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