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January 25, 2017 / Press Releases

Welcome to the era of GX solution test and demo on your terms – no terminal, no airtime and no wet socks!

The Global Xpress Link Emulator is ready for sale and will provide you with the opportunity for thorough and efficient on-the-bench use when and where you want.

Our developers have been working hard on getting the Global Xpress Link Emulator (GLE) 1.0 ready – they managed it! The GLE 1.0 is now ready for sale and we are thrilled to distribute it to customers and partners, who have been patiently waiting and anticipating the product.

So, what is a GLE?

In short, the Global Xpress Link Emulator is a test and demo tool for Ka-band solutions. The tool enables you to emulate and control a realistic Ka-band connection, eliminating the need for airtime and a terminal. This enables you to test or demonstrate your solutions’ functionality at all times and in all places in a variety of scenarios.

Why would you choose emulated testing over on-air testing?

While a trip out in the fresh air might be a welcome change from a stuffy office environment, testing outside is not always a favourable option. One benefit is of course to be able to avoid any weather conditions that are less agreeable than sunshine and a blue sky. However, this is, for the most part, a leisurely reason to use emulated testing for your Global Xpress solutions. The weightier reasons are plenty and in the following we have gathered five of these.

5 reasons you need the GLE (to make your life easier)

1. You need to set up several test beds in order to test your solutions, but have not got the terminals for it.
The GLE emulates both the satellite link as well as the terminal – making it a very inexpensive alternative to purchasing more terminals.

2. Your customers require a high level of solution assurance.
The GLE allows you to test and document solution performance in a range of network scenarios and in different bandwidth situations assuring your customers a high quality solution.

3. You need to demo your solution to a customer at a trade show or at an external meeting which is a logistical challenge or simply not possible due to the in-door location.
With the GLE you operate independently of location. You do not need a terminal or line of sight to the satellite – as long as you have an internet connection, you can test and demo wherever and whenever you want.

4. You need to ensure that your solution is capable of handling different levels of signal degradation, but do not know how to go about this since you have no visibility of the conditions of the live environment.
With the GLE you control network conditions and can easily test any level of signal degradation and the consequences it has for the QoS for the user.

5. You need to exemplify and showcase that your government solution or device is robust and performs in worst case scenarios.
With the GLE you can easily and efficiently showcase that your government solutions or devices work, even in less than desirable network scenarios and over long periods of time. Bring your solution or device to the customers’ premises along with the GLE. Connect, set-up and provide your customer with a hands-on experience.

1.0 released – but we keep on working

The abovementioned is merely a few of the situations in which the product can be utilized. We are planning to update the tool continually as our customers explore and use the product and potentially add new features. If you have any specific feature requirements, please reach out and talk to us about it.


You may be wondering what price tag the GLE comes with. We can reveal that it is our cheapest product yet and the price even includes a 1-year period of updates.

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