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Software solutions that speed up your Satellite IoT mission

Gain a competitive advantage by reducing time-to-market

Sustainable enabling of satellite IoT networks

Advanced and reliable satellite IoT solution

Satellite IoT and M2M connectivity

IoT and M2M via satellite is taking off. Smallsat is proven capable of providing high-quality IoT and M2M services at a low cost.

Are you looking for an end to end solution that can help you enable your vision of providing connectivity services via satellite networks?

GateHouse SatCom provides a wide range of connectivity solutions specifically developed for space enabled services fitting existing IoT chipset (UE) and SDR (payload).

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Satellite IoT technologies from GateHouse



GateHouse provides a standardized 5G NB-IoT NTN solution.

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IoT/M2M Solutions

We supply satellite IoT solutions for your specific needs.

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We are member of the 3GPP and ETSI standardization organizations.

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NB-IoT market info

GateHouse follows the NB-IoT market development closely.

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Why work with GateHouse?

Easy enabling of satellite networks

Let us help you enable your space IoT dreams. GateHouse excels in developing protocol software that enables a seamless satellite connectivity even in desolate areas of the world. Our end to end solution fits available chipset and SDR payload HW.

Gain a competitive advantage

Save money and improve your business case. Normally, it takes years and cost a lot to develop a reliable and advanced protocol stack for a 24/7 working IoT/M2M service in space. By using an already proven solution, you can focus on your business and serving your clients instead of dealing with technical difficulties. This will give you a competitive advantage.

Fast time to market and reduced risks

Shorten your time to market and reduce risk. With a satellite IoT solution from GateHouse, you get already proven software which reduces risks and ensures fast time-to-market.

Why Satellite 5G NB-IoT NTN?

The SmallSat industry will enable affordable satellite 5G connectivity in areas unserved by terrestrial networks. This will enable a large range of new opportunities and applications for which acquisition of data is an important factor. By deploying a 5G IoT NTN network it is possible to:

  • Provide wide coverage to complement and extend the terrestrial networks
  • Complement connectivity for ships, airplanes, vehicles, and trains
  • Offloade a temporarily congested network
  • Provide backhauling services to fixed or moving base stations

Several other use cases related to e.g. smart-farming, post-disaster management, Arctic surveillance etc. are also supported.

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Standard satellite IoT/M2M

The satellite IoT/M2M solutions from GateHouse support satellite networks consisting of one satellite to mega constellation networks.

A fully operational satellite IoT/M2M network may include following communication elements:

  • Maintaining communication with massive number of user devices within the antenna Field of View
  • Possibly relay data via other satellites
  • Deliver the user data to a cloud destination or other interfaces while

However, not all elements are required for providing a service.

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Reduce time to market with a solution from GateHouse

With the products from GateHouse, your time to market can be significantly reduced. With more than 20 years of experience in satellite communication, our solutions are developed, tested, and qualified under the most advanced and demanding test conditions in the market.

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Focus development resources on core competencies

A solution from GateHouse is a safe card that allows you to focus your time and efforts on growing your business and service your customers.

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