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For more than 20 years, GateHouse SatCom has supported customers in different sectors and developed satcom software solutions for commercial companies, governmental agencies, and defense organizations. We are domain experts within the satellite communication software industry.

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Innovative software solutions for the global satcom industry

The SatCom team has extensive knowledge and understanding of global communication infrastructures and platforms. We recognize the challenges that the global satcom industry faces today, and our goal is to provide the best conditions for our customers, so they can develop leading products and solutions for their markets.

GateHouse SatCom offers consultancy services for software, hardware, and system integration as well as for the preparation and evaluation of international tenders.

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Solutions and services

Looking for a solution partner for your satcom mission? We provide a range of satcom software products and development services – from complete solutions to protocol stacks, frameworks, components, and test tools for both the Inmarsat and the Satellite IoT-portfolio. You can profit from the experience that we have gained from decades of product development within the satellite communications industry. We can work with any satellite communication system.

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5G NB-IoT for satellites

5G compliant NB-IoT NTN solution

With the breakthrough of 3GPP standards for 5G covering both terrestrial and satellite-based networks, connectivity will be accessible seamlessly, and satellite IoT and low data-rate devices will be available directly through mobile network operators delivering 5G. With a standardized 5G satellite NB-IoT NTN solution from GateHouse, you get access to a proven solution based on open standards which can improve your time to market when developing your NB-IoT terminal.

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Test Tools for every need

By emulating satcom networks and links, the GateHouse Test Tools set developers in complete control of the test and demo situation. In this way, the off-air test tools provide efficient testing conditions, which eliminate airtime costs, shorten time to market, and ensure end-products of high quality.

The test tools constitute the preferred testing solutions for a range of leading companies in the satcom industry, such as Inmarsat, Honeywell, JRC and Cobham

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Collaborations: 3GPP, ESA, and others

GateHouse collaborates with the standardization organizations 3GPP and ETSI. We actively contribute to 3GPP’s standardization for non-terrestrial networks with the aim of establishing 5G standards towards new use cases and services for satellite communication networks.

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Technology partner to Inmarsat

GateHouse has a long-term cooperation and partnership with Inmarsat and has supplied the complete BGAN Protocol Stack (including UMTS NAS) as a reference implementation used to validate Inmarsat MTR scripts and associated type approval equipment.

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