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NB-IoT Test

To succeed in the NB-IoT market, it is essential to have an extensive, automated test setup that represents real-life conditions closely. Our experience within testing advanced protocols and emulation provides us with a unique position for supplying products for 5G NTN testing, including NB-IoT.

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High flexibility with an automated test framework

With an automated test framework, the conformance test campaigns can be performed and repeated consistently. The framework provides a high degree of flexibility, which allow the test coverages to be expanded over time as the requirements and demands increase.

Automated test framework

GateHouse SatCom has a long history of providing test and emulation equipment for BGAN related products.

Utilizing our knowhow and experience in testing advanced protocols and emulating in the “real” world, puts us in a unique position for supplying products for 5G NTN testing, including NB-IoT.

The key to success

It is our experience that having an extensive automated test setup that represents the real-life conditions as close as possible, is the key to succeed in the market:

  • It reduces time to market
  • It reduces return rate
  • It reduces the effort spend on fixing bugs
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Test NB-IoT UE with full end-to-end test capabilities

The test framework is used for testing the NB-IoT UE and covers full end-to-end tests.

The full end-to-end test capability allows a variety of users to benefit from the test framework including

  • UE development
  • Application development
  • Infrastructure development

The test framework allows both the development for 5G NTN transparent mode and the regenerative mode.

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GateHouse is an independent satellite IoT/M2M software protocol and physical layer provider. We provide solutions for standardized (5G) and proprietary IoT/M2M services.

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