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No expensive airtime for test purposes

Reproduce and test all network scenarios

Improve stability and optimize for minimum airtime usage

Test solutions for land, maritime and aviation terminals and applications

Test and document performance of applications

Proven, reliable and always-on connectivity when you need it most

BAT in action

BGAN Application Tester

The essential tool to ensure robust and high-quality satellite applications connected via BGAN, FBB and SBB terminals with test and verification in an emulated and controlled Inmarsat BGAN environment.


Full control of your testing

Set up of test environments and the unpredictability of live network conditions is both time consuming and costly. More importantly, some rarely occurring network conditions might not even be obtainable for you to reproduce and test sufficiently. The BGAN Application Tester (BAT) provides you with complete control of your testing in an environment with specific BGAN network characteristics.

On-the-bench testing

Test and demo terminals and applications efficiently and thoroughly end-to-end in a sandbox network environment. Testing on the bench with BAT eliminates the need for line of sight and airtime, while at the same time enabling test of any network scenario.

Optimize testing process

The BAT can be used to optimize test processes by offering on-the-bench emulation of the satellite link, the radio access network and the core network, right down to the RF link. By emulating the BGAN network you can test end-to-end in a controlled environment and monitor the effects of a live BGAN network on your application.

Watch a demo

See how it works in this demo by GateHouse SatCom Senior Software Developer Kim Simonsen, who demonstrates the BGAN Application Tester in action.



We deliver test tools for satcom applications to government worldwide. Across air, land, and sea. If you are working in the government sector with e.g. wireless surveillance or terminals in planes or UAVs, you can benefit from being able to test how robust your signal is towards different kinds of impairments.  Unconstrained mobility is critical for government operations. With our satcom test tools for BGAN, you can test your satcom equipment at any time and in any scenario.



With a SatCom Tester, you can reproduce any scenario and take your satellite application testing to new heights while on ground. On-ground testing enables you to optimize your applications at less costs in a controlled environment. Safety and performance are guaranteed with satcom test tools provided by GateHouse

Test your Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) satcom application with the test tools from GateHouse SatCom and cut expenses.

Unmanned vehicles

Unmanned vehicles

Growing dependency on digital solutions has demanded stronger and more effective satellite connectivity on unmanned vehicles for air and sea applications such as UAVs, UCAVs, RPAs, ASVs, and UUVs. It is crucial to test all satellite applications to guarantee the safety and performance of your systems.

Prepare for critical missions by taking satellite application testing to new levels. With a  BGAN Application Tester, you can reproduce any scenario and test all satellite applications.

Gatehouse internal work


  • Test and demo performance during a variety of network events
  • Test mobility on the bench
  • Reproduce test conditions, improve, and document your testing
  • Reduce cost and time of test effort – no airtime or line of sight required

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Out-of-the-box solution

BAT is a one box solution to which monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected for the user to operate the BAT. BAT is connected either via coax RF cable or via antenna and RF shielded box, to the terminal, and application-level traffic is routed to an application server or the internet.

In the emulated environment, an application can connect to and operate a terminal as if it were connected to the live network.

Train your skills

The BAT provides a graphical user interface designed to simplify operation of the test tool. The user interface can be used to simulate a wide range of scenarios such as service rejection, which may affect the performance of the terminal, as well as the total BGAN solution or application, when deployed in the field.

By making training a part of your preparation process, you can ensure optimal conditions for smooth operations in the field.

Gatehouse SatCom internal BAT work

Reduce costs and time

The BGAN Application Tester will reduce the costs and the time of test efforts as there is no airtime or line of sight required. The predictability and control of the test environment and process will pave the way for a well-tested high-quality product to the end-user.

screenshot from the BAT dashboard

Optimize and strengthen the testing process

The BGAN Application Tester offers on-the-bench emulation of the satellite link, the radio access network and the core network, right down to the RF link. Use of a sandbox network environment offers you complete control of the network conditions under which you need to test your terminal or application’s performance. This control will allow you to efficiently optimize, strengthen and ease test efforts.

GateHouse has a remarkable technical knowledge and understanding of even the most complex issues within satellite communications software.

Will Penfold

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Hughes San Diego has worked with GateHouse from when they first got started in the satellite communications business many years ago and our continuous cooperation persists till this day with great success. GateHouse has provided solid products, technical support and expertise to Hughes for the duration of this period and we look forward to continued collaboration in the years to come.

Graham Avis, Vice President and General Manager
Hughes, San Diego

GateHouse is a trusted partner and we have benefitted from their services and products for more than a decade. They are a greatly valued business partner to us, on whom we can always rely for professional services and world class products.

Osamu YANO, Vice Executive, Marine Systems Division
Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation optimizes testing of satellite-based communication

The BGAN Application Tester from GateHouse facilitates the Dassault-Aviation process, ensuring early testing of their satellite-based applications in a controlled environment and increasing confidence for the real satellite test phase.

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See the BAT in action

Learn about the BGAN Application Tester by watching these videos:

  • BAT – Use Cases: Watch how you can be able to test your terminal without having to pay for air-time.
  • BAT – Introduction: Watch how to test on-the-bench with on-air functionality!
  • BAT – Demo: Learn how to test and demo terminals and solutions on the bench – NO airtime or line of sight required!
satellite and the earth seen from space

Maybe the BGAN Network Emulator is better suited to your needs?

GateHouse offers two BGAN network emulators that both provides end-to-end test opportunity in a closed loop environment. The two tools differ in terms of functionality and user-friendliness, in other words, your choice of tool depends on your specific test requirements and your insight into the BGAN network.

Find more info about the BGAN Network Emulator.

For your convenience, we have made a comparison between the two test tools for you to download:

Download BAT/BNE comparison

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