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5G NTN Emulator

Validate your 5G NTN implementation, configuration or performance with full control in a close to real environment both in your test lab and in-orbit without the full implementation.

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Emulate 5G NTN connectivity in a controlled sandbox environment

Confirm or tweak 5G NTN performance before making it commercially available. We can provide a controlled and fully configurable environment so that it is possible to emulate various real-world scenarios to validate analysis and feasibility studies based on theoretical simulations. Thereby you haves valuable insights into system behaviour and final business case before investing in a full commercial system and actual launch of the planned 5G NTN service.

What is a NEMU?

The 5G NTN Emulator (NEMU) is a software product to be executed on a hardware platform provided by the customer. It includes a waveform or physical layer emulator and a scripting interface for control, signalling and observing what is received. It executes on the target communication payload hardware, and it is operated using the existing satellite bus. This can be applied both in lab with the use of a flatsat or in-orbit after launch.

Key benefits

  • Emulate 5G connectivity in a controlled sandbox environment
  • Validate payload hardware platform
  • Validate system capacity
  • Validate system performance in case of signal degradation, traffic
    shaping, congestion, and more
  • Create, execute, reproduce, and document test scenarios
  • Customization of for example antenna pointing and beam forming
  • Qualify system architecture prior to infrastructure investments and launch

Test performance with full end-to-end test capabilities

The test framework is used for testing link performance and covers full end-to-end tests.

The full end-to-end test capability allows a variety of users to benefit from the test framework including

  • UE development
  • Application development
  • Infrastructure development

The test framework allows both development for 5G NTN transparent mode and regenerative mode.