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Satellite 5G or non 5G M2M & IoT Connectivity

Are you looking for a solution that can help you enable your vision of providing connectivity services via satellite networks? GateHouse SatCom provides a wide range of connectivity solutions specifically developed for space enabled services (Low Earth Orbit).

Save cost, reduce time to market and reduce commercial risk

The solutions offered by GateHouse SatCom provide full end2end connectivity and include both the user terminal and the payload.

The solutions available support the service providers, chip manufacturers and terminal manufactures.

Full coverage and seamless connectivity

Want to benefit from the potential of seamless 5G IoT connectivity? With seamless 5G connectivity you will have fully global connectivity either via the existing terrestrial mobile network or via satellite the 5G capable satellite network. Both our 5G and non 5G solution support sensor monitoring and control, surveillance and autonomous equipment management in areas with limited or no terrestrial connectivity. With this solution you can deliver services to several different sectors e.g. maritime, agricultural, critical infrastructure, or oil and gas industry which will benefit greatly from the solution.

Shorten time to market

Are you struggling with long development time, high development and operation costs following launch of new network services due to the use of proprietary solutions? Let us help you shorten the time to market, reduce risk and complexity. By using an available solution, you can focus on your business and serving your clients instead of dealing with technology development.

Sustain competitiveness

Would you like to sustain competitiveness, growth and scalability? With this solution, you get already proven components rather than having to develop from scratch, which reduces your risks and ensures fast time-to-market.

5G standardized solution

The 5G solution is based on the 3GPP 5G NB-IoT NTN standardization (release 17). A standardized solution provides the advantages of seamless handover between systems and compliance with the global deployed mobile network infrastructure.

5G solution user terminal

In general, the solution for the user terminals complies with the 3GPP 5G NB-IoT NTN standard (rel. 17) and supports multiple low cost and low power consumption HW configurations.

Additionally, the solution supporting 3GPP 5G NB-IoT NTN is available as a core IP prepared for integration on a purpose specific chipset (5G NB-IoT NTN chipset) and can potentially co-exist with terrestrial firmware to support dual-mode terminals.

5G system overview

Conceptually, the offered solutions ensure that data can be acquired from massive number of devices and distributed across the earth to a destination on ground for further distribution to the end user.

The advantages of using a 5G solution is that it allows IoT terminals to roam between terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. This enables you to offer full seamless 5G connectivity to IoT devices even in the remote regions of the world with full mobile network operator interface.

Non 5G solution

The non 5G solution support specific customer connectivity needs and depending om mission objective provide the required connectivity with no integration to a mobile network.

Non 5G user terminal

The solution supporting Non 5G solutions supports multiple dedicated low cost and low power consumption HW configurations.

Non 5G system overview

The non 5G solution is a different solution from the 5G solution. However, the system allows data communication to and from massive number of devices located on ground (M2M capabilities). The system has less complexity and does not allow roaming to any standard terrestrial network and have no interface to the Mobile network.

Communication elements

Our solutions support satellite networks consisting of one to infinite number of satellites.

A fully operational satellite IoT/M2M network may include following communication elements:

  • Maintaining communication links with user terminals within its footprint of the antenna
  • Maintaining relay links to other satellites
  • Maintain link to ground station/gateway, when within coverage

However, not all elements are required for providing a service.

Maximize profitability and reduce time to market

The Satellite 5G NB-IoT NTN Protocol Stack is a standardized and cost-efficient solution that supports SmallSat network operators in sustaining competitiveness, growth and scalability. The solution enables you to maximize profitability with fast time to market.

Having provided products and services to equipment manufacturers for several years on a global scale, significant know-how has been obtained not only in developing advanced protocol stacks but also in providing software, which is well-documented, structured and easily maintainable and extendable.

We are experienced in handling innovative and advanced projects where we are required to go beyond standard solutions and hereby develop the solutions of the future.

Free up time to focus development resources on core competencies

Want more time to focus on your core development competencies? Using the already developed and proven components from GateHouse SatCom when developing a satellite-based communication service will free up time for you to focus your resources elsewhere.

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