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NB-IoT Market Information

Check out this page to keep updated on market expectations related to satellite-based IoT and M2M.

Main satcom trend: Satellite IoT

IoT is the most prevailing trend in the satcom industry. The industry is still under rapid development, and more people are finding opportunities in the benefits that can come with the use of small satellites in LEO.

In the time to come, we are moving from systems with relatively few satellites which have driven the development until now, to the establishment of large systems. We see that this development is getting closer due to trials being conducted and more satellites are being launched into orbit.

Focus on standardization

Expanding further into the connectivity market, the satcom industry will increase focus on standardization to secure speed of deployment of IoT on a global scale. 5G development is taking quantum leaps. On the satellite side under 3GPP, the activities have been stepped up to specify NB-IoT and New Radio systems and protocols.

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Growth in Satellite M2M/IoT Sites by Application (2020-2029)

More applications within the satellite M2M and IoT segment will experience an extensive growth over the next years.
the report from NSR shows that especially these industries will see increased growth:

  • Agriculture
  • Transport & Cargo
  • Maritime

Source: NSR’s M2M and IoT via Satellite report (M2M11)

Satellite-based IoT by the numbers

Over the next 5 to 10 years, the number of companies that will offer ‘commercial quality’ level of satellite-based IoT and M2M services is expected to reach a number between 40 and 50 companies, and the service will be delivered from several hundred satellites that will be able to provide global IoT and M2M coverage.

The number of IoT and M2M terminals served by a satellite network is hard to predict. Available numbers show a range from a few tens of millions to as high as several hundred million user terminals to be served by a satellite network in 2030.

Prediction of number of deployed UTs

As mentioned, the number of deployed user terminals is still attached with some uncertainty. However, our conservative analysis shows an average of 3-5 million terminals per year over the next ten years starting from a little below 1 million and later up to 5 million terminals per year.

The overall market growth for satellite-based IoT and M2M is expected to range from 17 to 22% CAGR.

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