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On-demand webinar: The impact and opportunities of space-based 5G NB-IoT

Join the free webinar for a discussion about space-based 5G NB-IoT.

The webinar will be a panel discussion between:

  • Petar Popovski: Professor and Head of Section on Connectivity at Aalborg University
  • Stefano Cioni: Telecommunication Systems Engineer at ESA – European Space Agency
  • Per Koch: Business Development Manager at GateHouse SatCom

In the webinar, you will learn about

  • Technology and why NB-IoT/LTE-M as technologies are strong candidates for satellite-based IoT
  • Standardization and how this impacts the space (satellite) industry
  • Use cases and market

We will open up for audience Q&As after the panel discussion.

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Meet the panelists

Stefano Cioni

Telecommunication Systems Engineer
ESA – European Space Agency

Petar Popovski

Professor and Head of Section on Connectivity, Aalborg University

Per Koch

Business Development Manager
GateHouse SatCom