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Real-time communication and situational awareness

Provide mission-critical information

Adapted and specified by military standards

Mobile and handheld solutions to fit your needs

Gatehouse SatCom mission communication

DAMA Tactical Radio Protocol

The GateHouse DAMA Radio Protocol Stack is an easy way to get a data and voice tactical radio system developed. We offer DAMA protocol component for integration into governmental solutions and DAMA Network Controller in accordance with military standards.

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Military and defence organizations

  • Offer DAMA Network Controller for tactical satellite communication (TacSat)
  • Supplier to US allied defence organizations
  • Provided as a hub including Protocols, Controller, and Hardware
  • Mobile solution for more flexibility
  • Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) systems for controlled satellite channels
  • Supports US Mil-Stds
  • Interoperability validated for existing terminals
  • DAMA and modifications thereof can be used for military leased satellite GEO capacity

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Governmental security organizations

  • Offer DAMA protocol component for tactical satellite communication  (TacSat)
  • Supplier to governmental and corporate security organizations within the fields of e.g.:
    • Border control
    • Security guards
    • Oil and gas
  • Closed system for enhanced security
  • Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) systems for controlled satellite channels
  • Supports mobile and handheld solution for more flexibility

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Independent software supplier for UHF TacSat

GateHouse is an independent software supplier with +20 years of experience in the satcom industry.

Cost-efficient solution

Working with an experienced partner for either the DAMA Network Controller solution or the DAMA Protocol Component is a cost-efficient way to obtain the solution you need.

Mobile solutions

Increase flexibility with a mobile solution. GateHouse supplies the solution the fits your requirements.

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Maximize efficiency

The DAMA Radio Protocol Stack provides an easy way to get a data and voice tactical radio system developed. You can maximize efficiency and save time on development hours.

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Adapt to your requirements

Based on DAMA concepts, the GateHouse protocol is a tailored solution for tactical radio systems that can be used in a wide range of similar systems and is open for adaptation to specific system requirements.

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