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DAMA Tactical Radio Protocol

The GateHouse DAMA Radio Protocol Stack is an easy way to get a data and voice tactical radio system developed.

Reduce risks

If you are developing a new user terminal, an already developed protocol stack can significantly reduce the risks related to both the development process as well as when the terminals are in operation.

Reduce development time and cost

If you are developing a new user terminal, an already developed protocol stack is a shortcut to development time and cost reductions. This means that you can fully focus on building the terminals and the specific feature set for the terminals and bringing them to market.

A trusted protocol stack supplier

More than 120.000 terminals have been licensed with a GateHouse Protocol Stack. Using the mature BGAN Protocol Stack will release resources to focus on the important features targeting your customers’ needs and hereby ensure your differentiation in the market.

Technical description

The protocol supports a network of up to a few hundred terminals, depending on the carrier bandwidth and the amount of traffic generated per terminals. However, the protocol can be adapted for use in larger systems, including multi-channel systems.

Data-Link Layer Protocol

The GateHouse Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) Protocol Stack is a Data-Link Layer (LLC/MAC) protocol for small tactical satellite radio systems supporting data and voice services.

Supporting voice and data

Typical use cases are closed tactical UHF, L-Band, or S-Band radio networks with a limited number of nodes supporting voice and data services such as command/response, chat, or limited file transfer.

Directly from terminal to terminal

A single node serves as the Primary Channel Controller (PCC) and manages the assignment of bandwidth on demand to terminals in the channels. All other terminals act as clients and request access to bandwidth as needed. Data transmissions are directly from terminal to terminal (via satellite), with no need for a separate ground-station downlink carrier, and low latency end-to-end links.


  • Connection-oriented message-based transmission
  • Constant-bit-rate connection (e.g. for voice)
  • Segmentation & retransmission
  • Buffering
  • Channel assigned upon demand
  • Return link timing synchronization (path delay compensation)
  • CRC-based error detection

Implementation properties

  • C++ Code Base (Embeddable)
  • Small footprint
  • Low resource requirements (CPU & RAM)
  • Fully unit-tested
  • PC-based network simulation (full network)

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Maximize profitability

The DAMA Radio Protocol Stack provides an easy way to get a data and voice tactical radio system developed. You can maximize profitability while saving time on development hours.

Adapt to your requirements

Based on DAMA concepts, the GateHouse stack is a tailored solution for tactical radio systems that can be used in a wide range of similar systems and is open for adaptation to specific system requirements.

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