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NB-IoT Information as a Service

Interested in the use of NB-IoT and its functions? GateHouse can assist in giving a detailed examination of specifications and requirements.

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Worldwide tracking with 5G IoT

Tracking of devices is trending both privately and professionally. With 5G, the entire SatCom ecosystem will be transformed, and tracking via NB-IoT will be even more widespread. With new 5G networks for M2M and IoT, it will be even easier to follow data offloaded from devices, e.g. onboard airplanes, ships or vehicles, when a satellite connection is required. With 3GPP standards for 5G for both mobile and satellite networks, connectivity will be accessible seamlessly, no matter where you are.

Game-changing 5G technology

With the breakthrough of standardized 5G, satellite IoT and low data-rate devices will be able to directly implement 5G in their networks. This will open up to a vast market of millions, maybe billons of devices. Within the next couple of years, 5G for non-terrestrial networks will be released, changing the way we will be able to track devices consistently. The technology becomes even more applicable to various devices, making the users able to apply the technology in new ways. This will be a real game-changer for many aspects of the satcom industry.


NB-IoT system overview

We provide you with a detailed explanation of the processes that control the communication through the NB-IoT network as well as a thorough introduction to the specifications and requirements.


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NB-IoT: Market and standards

The NB-IoT and M2M market is growing fast. According to market analysis reports, the annual growth is about 25%. The smallsat industry enables affordable satellite connectivity (IoT and M2M) in areas unserved by terrestrial networks. This will enable a wide range of new opportunities and applications. Widely tracking of devices is trending, and the new systems make it possible to track devices seamlessly with the use of satellite.

If you are interested in NB IoT, maybe considering developing a product or a business based on NB-IoT, GateHouse can assist with extensive expertise and give you some great insight into the details of the technology.

GateHouse collaborates with the standard organizations ETSI and 3GPP and influence the specifications that are being developed for 5G NB IOT. The NB-IoT NTN market is a niche market, and therefore, there are many advantages of selecting the 3GPP NB-IoT as the foundation.

Why choose GateHouse?

GateHouse is developing NB-IoT products for both the terminal side and the satellite side for the base station, and test tools will be developed for verification and validation for the waveform products in the terminal and the base station in the satellite.

For more than 20 years, GateHouse has provided the satellite communications industry with market-leading software products and development services for commercial, government and military markets.

We enable efficient and secure satellite communication with proven protocol stack and physical layer software and off-air test tools for satellite terminals and solutions. We deliver expert capabilities to The Danish Defence.

Service offerings: 3 levels

Any service agreement exists for 3 years. Prices are annual.


NB-IoT Silver

EUR 99,000

  • Access to use GateHouse test facilities
  • Assistance in setting up the required tests
  • 1-week access to the LAB 2 times per year

NB-IoT Gold

EUR 199,000

  • GateHouse NB-IoT demo sessions
  • Workshops: Design of an NB-IoT satellite system
  • Workshops: Developments in 3GPP specification works.

NB-IoT Platinum

EUR 299,000

  • Includes everything from Silver
  • Includes everything from Gold
  • Insights into market information developed by GateHouse