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Satcom Modules

Find a module from GateHouse for your satcom solution.

UMTS Non-Access Stratum

With the GateHouse UMTS Non-Access Stratum (UMTS NAS), you will be well underway building your own mobile device protocol stack. Focus on developing your Access Stratum and rely on a proven NAS from GateHouse.

Using an already field-proven protocol stack component reduces your risk significantly when developing an ETSI compliant terminal.

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RFC 2507 IP Header Compression

Interested in better bandwidth utilization? Mitigate IP overhead using GateHouse RFC 2507 Header Compression.

Used across several products and deployed worldwide, the GateHouse IP Header Compression implementation greatly increases the bandwidth utilization of IP connections with a high header to payload ratio.

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You might also be interested in learning about the Inmarsat Protocols from GateHouse which is incorporated in a large number of BGAN terminals from several suppliers.

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