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5G NTN UE Software

We help our clients create and realize their 5G NTN strategy based on solid technical research, efficient development and 3GPP compliant 5G NTN software.

Are you looking for 3GPP compliant software to enable 5G NTN connectivity for your devices?

With 3GPP introducing Non-Terrestrial Network in the 5G standardization, users will be able to experience true global coverage. With a standardized 5G NTN terminal, powered by Gatehouse communication software, you get access to software based on open standards which can increase the market attractiveness.

The software will be available for NB-IoT, New Radio and eMTC.

At Gatehouse Satcom we are experts in 5G NTN software and aim to be your trusted partner in all areas regarding 5G NTN software.


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Who will it benefit?

The 5G NTN UE software is for terminal manufacturers that want to develop and manufacture a 5G NTN capable terminal based on an SDR hardware platform. Our software is also ideal for government purposes where it is desired to upgrade existing devices and terminals with 5G NTN connectivity without introducing new chipsets. Enabling 5G NTN connectivity through a software update on your current SDR hardware is relevant if you want to prioritize:

  • Complying to dedicated form factors
  • Protecting compliance
  • Combining several technologies on the same hardware
  • Re-using your current terminals/devices



GateHouse SatCom offers the UE software as independent stack implemented in plain C++ as well as platform optimized stacks and FPGA code.

The software supports the following features:

  • 3GPP NTN compliant (Rel-17)
  • Low memory and low cycle count footprints
  • Available on COTS hardware platform
  • Debugging interface
  • Higher level interface for ephemeris
  • Fully documented application framework


The 5G NTN UE software is an alternative to standard chipsets. While standard chipsets will be available for the most common use cases, they will not be available or the ideal choice for all. In the cases where you want to either develop new devices with special features or you want to upgrade your current devices to include 5G NTN connectivity, 5G NTN UE software from Gatehouse is relevant.


  • Mature, integrable and portable software
  • Support of advanced testing
  • Implemented in simple C++
  • Enables features beyond the standard
  • Access to source code
  • Combine several technologies on the same COTS SDR harware

Products for any phase of your 5G NTN roadmap

Are you looking to validate and enable 5G NTN services based on NB-IoT, eMTC or New Radio? GateHouse SatCom offers products that can support your 5G roadmap, from initial research throughout demonstrations and into commercialization of your 5G NTN service.


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Why work with Gatehouse?

Enabling your 5G NTN roadmap

Let us help you realize your 5G NTN roadmap. Gatehouse excels in developing protocol software that enables a seamless satellite connectivity even in remote areas of the world. Our end to end solutions fits to available NTN chipsets and SDR payload HW.

Gain a competitive advantage

It is time-consuming and expensive to develop a reliable and advanced protocol stack for a satellite service. By using proven and 3GPP compliant software, you can focus on serving your clients instead of dealing with the difficulties of software development.

5G NTN experts

As an active member and contributor to 3GPP and ETSI, we have direct insight into the ongoing standardization plans. We use our expertise and insights to provide our customers with software that is future-proof and aligned with current as well as upcoming standards.