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Speed up time-to-market for your satellite enabled IoT service with standard software


Software for you NTN enabled IoT service

Using satellites in a LEO constellation for IoT services is a very cost-effective way to offer a true global IoT services with very few satellites in orbit. GateHouse offers a software solution for acquisition of data from a massive number of terminals on ground. The solution is designed and tested for 24/7 operation and offers a high degree of reliability. It is scalable and will operate from basically one satellite to an unlimited number of satellites.

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A solution that fits your needs

A standard satellite IoT/M2M solution from GateHouse SatCom will help you achieve your unique and dedicated mission of providing satellite-based IoT and M2M services.


Our expertise. Your gain

GateHouse has more than 20 years of experience with development, delivering and maintaining of advanced satellite communication solutions and test facilities for the global market.

Ensure a fast time to market

Why spend valuable time and money on development when you can get a standard solution that meets your requirements and ensures you a fast time to market?

Satellite IoT & M2M from GateHouse

The solution from Gatehouse consists of two main elements:

  • A software component (physical layer and protocol stack) for the user terminal (UT) fitting onto low cost HW and ensures low power consumption.
  • A software component (physical layer and protocol stack) for the access point in the satellite that matches commonly available SDR payload HW.

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Store and forward

GateHouse offers a solution based on the store and forward principals. This means that data are acquired from the user terminals on ground to the satellite. Then the data are stored in the satellite memory and downloaded to ground while the satellite is within reach of a ground station.

With a standard satellite IoT solution, you will be able to provide sustainable and reliable global IoT and M2M connectivity. The solution is maintained by Gatehouse and is provided under the existing and well-proven GateHouse quality assurance process.

Satellite IoT and M2M solution

The standard Satellite IoT solution from GateHouse supports specific customer connectivity needs and, depending on mission objective, provides the required connectivity with no integration to a mobile network.

Satellite IoT terminal

The GateHouse standard Satellite IoT solution supports multiple dedicated low cost and low power consumption HW configurations.

Standard Satellite IoT vs. 5G NB-IoT

The standard Satellite IoT solution from GateHouse differs from the 5G NB-IoT NTN solution that we offer. However, both systems allow data communication between one or more satellites to a massive number of user terminals located on ground (IoT and M2M capabilities). The systems both provide high reliability and security, but unlike our 5G solution, the standard Satellite IoT solution delivers the acquired data directly in the cloud or database on ground and therefore, it does not require integration with a Mobile Network Operator.

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Gatehouse SatCom software

Reduce your time to market

Don’t want to wait for the standardized 5G solution? Reduce time to market and launch your service fast with the full end to end IoT/M2M solution from GateHouse.

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Focus on your core competencies

Using proven software components from GateHouse SatCom when developing a satellite-based communication service will enable you to focus on your core business areas and spend the time on your customers’ needs instead.