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5G NTN Technical Feasibility Study

Are you building a business case for your future 5G Non-Terrestrial Network service? GateHouse can deliver technical feasibility analysis’ and estimations of your future 5G NTN service performance.

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Do you know what to expect from your 5G service performance?

A technical feasibility study will provide detailed simulations, analysis, and recommendations regarding your future 5G NTN service’s potential strengths and weaknesses based on your specific combination of technology (NR, NB-IoT or eMTC) and the satellite-based network you plan to use for offering NTN services.

The feasibility study will be tailored to your specific challenges but will generally include system capacity calculations, performance trade-offs and suggestions on how to maximize performance under the chosen link/fading conditions and network configuration.

Enhance the probability of a successful demonstration and commercialization of your future 5G NTN service by building your business case on a thorough technical feasibility analysis.


A technical feasibility study from GateHouse SatCom will enable you to:

  • Estimate future network capacity
  • Confirm efficient use of your spectrum
  • Compare technologies based on their estimated network performance
  • Make strategic system architecture decisions for current or future satellites
  • Secure a strong market position by being ready for standardized 5G NTN
  • Ensure desired end-user experience relating to e.g., Quality of service
  • Obtain an unbiased analysis from independent waveform experts


5G for GEO_feasibility project


Every feasibility study will be tailored to your specific case and needs, based on your input. Firstly, we will need to know what technology you are targeting: NB-IoT, eMTC, New Radio or other? Secondly, we will ask you to define your overall goal: Do you have a current system you want to analyze the achievable performance of? Or do you have a desired system performance you want to achieve? Together we will formulate a line of questions you want to have answered through the feasibility study. The questions will guide the further process of defining what input we need from you, work packages and alignment of what output you can expect.   

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