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5G NTN NodeB Software

Are you building your future 5G Non-Terrestrial Network service? Gatehouse can deliver the software to support your future 5G NTN service.

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Are you looking for 3GPP compliant software for your future 5G NTN service?

If you are a satellite operator looking to offer 5G NTN enabled services, our 5G NTN NodeB software will allow you to do just that – and with a fast time to market. The software can be applied in either a test set up or implemented into a commercial system.

5G NTN NodeB software is 3GPP compliant, mature and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf software developed by Gatehouse Satcom. We have decades of experience with developing and maintaining satellite communications protocol stacks and through our seat in ETSI and 3GPP, we have an optimal vantage point for developing the software to power 5G NTN connectivity.

The software will evolve in compliance with the 3GPP releases and can be delivered for NB-IoT , eMTC and New Radio.


The NodeB software includes the layers PHY, MAC, RLC, RRC, and is available in platform independent standard C++ code and can be ported to several COTS hardware platforms.

  • 3GPP NTN compliant
  • Highly generic and portable
  • Standalone mode of operation enabling narrow channel standalone deployment
  • Can be integrated on COTS SDR hardware
  • Interoperability tested with Gatehouse Satcom UE software and Commercial Test Equipment
  • Debugging interface
  • Higher level interface for ephemeris
  • Operations and Maintenance interface support

GEO transparent mode and NGSO regenerative mode

The 5G NTN NodeB software is currently available for GEO transparent mode with NGSO Regenerative mode being on the roadmap.

In transparent mode, the satellite works as mirror between ground station and user equipment, also known as bent pipe operation. Regenerative mode means that signal processing is already done in the satellite, and that parts of the network infrastructure functionality are executed in the satellite.

Only transparent mode is supported by the standardization provided in release 17, while regenerative mode is discussed by 3GPP for later releases. Transparent mode fits nicely with existing GEO based satellite systems while it requires a substantial effort to make it work for NGSO satellite systems and furthermore, service is only possible when user equipment and ground station are both in view/reach of the satellite and communication is possible.

Why work with Gatehouse?

Easy enabling of satellite networks

Let us help you enable your 5G NTN roadmap. Gatehouse excels in developing protocol software that enables a seamless satellite connectivity even in remote areas of the world. Our end to end solution fits to available NTN chipsets and SDR payload hardware.

Gain a competitive advantage

Save time and improve your business case. Normally, it takes years and cost a lot to develop a reliable and advanced protocol stack for a 24/7 working satellite service. By using an already proven solution, you can focus on your business and serving your clients instead of dealing with technical difficulties. This will give you a competitive advantage.

Fast time to market and reduced risks

Shorten your time to market and reduce risk. With 5G NTN NodeB software from Gatehouse, you get already proven software which reduces risks and ensures fast time-to-market.

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