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Precise predictions with Next Port

The Next Port service is ideal for tugboat and pilot operators working in ship repair or maintenance service centers handling multiple ports, or for tax and customs authorities.

Introducing Next Port

The Next Port service is a Data as a Service (DaaS) solution, integrated into your system via an API.

Get the answer to your questions:

  • Where is any particular ship heading for next port of call?
  • Which vessels are approaching a particular port?
  • When will a vessel arrive at the port?

The Next Port service increases visibility of all commercial vessels, giving you accurate predictions on vessel destinations.

Optimize processes

Enjoy continuous updates on predictions on the most probable next destination, eliminating hours of manual and puzzle-solving tasks.

Next Port will return a list of vessels most likely to come towards any port, and will help you optimize your business by optimization of assets and communication with the arriving vessels.

How it works

Combining real-time tracking, historical data, and smart algorithms, Next Port offers continuously updated predictions on the next port – or next 3 ports – the vessel is heading towards.

With the Next Port data feed, you get the information in a simple and uniform format for your convenience, saving you time and reducing errors.


Who will benefit from using Next Port predictions?

  • Service centers (ship repair and maintenance) handling multiple ports
  • Tugboat companies
  • Pilot operations companies
  • Equipment manufacturers on board vessels
  • Tax and custom authorities
  • Stevedores

Advanced machine learning

Advanced machine learning lets the system track all IMO vessels sailing towards all ports worldwide, so you can be proactive.

Port centric view
The API will accept a port and return a list of all the vessels most likely to come towards the port.

Ship centric view
The API will accept an IMO number (or a list of IMO numbers) and return a list of the most likely candidates for the next port of call along with a probability and ETA.

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