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November 20, 2019 / News

Tugboat Companies Could Be Saving Time and Money Every Day

Are the ETAs for your clients’ vessels accurate, or is time and fuel wasted on waiting? Is potential revenue not recognized due to lack of accessible time and location data throughout a tug operation? Have you lost market share without knowing who is providing services to your previous customers and where the service is being provided?

Reliable, automated ETAs, historical data and targeted features can prevent unnecessary fuel and crew costs, lower than justified billing and potentially loss of customers.

There is vessel-based data available that can be analysed to generate information applicable to your business needs. AIS data can provide data points to support sophisticated real-time and historical analysis – assuming that the data is structured and managed appropriately. The ghMaritime Tugboat AIS-based solution is designed to reduce complexity by only presenting features important to your company’s challenges.

Invoicing can be complicated due to a variety of pricing models including pricing by zones, duration of tug assist, times of day etc. With the historical ship track feature, you can go back and check exact times and places for any of your tug operations. This enables you to efficiently reduce the number of incorrect or inadequate billings.

Precise Dispatches
In order to minimize unnecessary waiting time and fuel consumption, precise ETAs and ETDs are of paramount importance. The ghMaritime Tugboat solution predicts client vessel ETAs and calculates the ETDs for tugboats to ensure that each tug is at the right place at the right time. The ETAs and ETDs are based on an advanced algorithm developed by GateHouse.

Every organization strives to improve its operational efficiency –  to the benefit of staff, your customers and not least, your bottom line. With the Destination Predictor feature you can identify potential clients and likely tug assist opportunities up to seven days in advance – providing you a wider time window for optimal crew planning.  Furthermore, fuel consumption can be optimized emissions reduced aided by advanced speed-over-ground analytics tools.

In order to assess your market coverage and potential you need to identify potential client vessels you are missing out on in your area of interest. With the Tugboat Operation feature the ghMaritime Tugboat solution can provide an overview of any tugboat operations not carried out by your fleet.

Business Development
Competitor analysis can be used to evaluate your efforts and service level up against your competitors. As an example, you may want statistics on the numbers and types of tugboats used in a large tanker vessel assist operation. Another statistic could also provide you with information on how long your competitors’ tug are spending in specific dock areas. To gain a better understanding of vessel traffic, it may be of interest to see how many cargo vessels are bypassing your port and docking at the next port up the coast.

The ghMaritime Tugboat solution is provided as a software as a service (SaaS) and data as a service (DaaS) solution.  The availability of information via a DaaS solution, facilitates integration with other backend system.

Joel Box, Sales Director November 20, 2019 IN / News