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GateHouse Group Strengthens Core Business Areas with Strategic Changes

Increasing demand for data insights and satellite communications software has led GateHouse Group to strengthen the management setup. With the strategic changes, a new subsidiary management will continue GateHouse Group’s strategy to enhance commercial activities and support core businesses areas.  

In recent years, GateHouse Group has seen an increasing interest in the growing markets for data insight services and satellite communications software solutions. To support the positive development, GateHouse Group now realizes a managerial restructuring to further strengthen the commercial potential of subsidiaries GateHouse Maritime, GateHouse Satcom and CleanQuote.

The strategic changes involve managerial reorganizing where senior executives from GateHouse Group will now also hold a CEO position on subsidiary level. Founder and CEO of GateHouse Group, Michael Bondo Andersen, will step down as CEO of subsidiaries to utilize his extensive experience as Chairman of the Board of each subsidiary and to prioritize the strategic development of GateHouse Group.

The new subsidiary management of GateHouse Group:

  • VP Commercial in GateHouse Maritime, Martin Dommerby Kristiansen: New CEO of GateHouse Maritime
  • CCO In GateHouse Group, Ulrik Rasmussen: New CEO of GateHouse SatCom
  • CFO in GateHouse Group, Kenney Vesteraa Christiansen: New CEO in CleanQuote

For more than 20 years, Michael Bondo Andersen has had the overall managerial responsibility for developing and growing GateHouse Group including subsidiaries. He looks forward to utilizing the extensive knowledge of the new subsidiary management:

– We are in a satisfactory situation where we experience strong growth potential in our markets; to ensure the right focus and direction, we strengthen the subsidiary management with leaders who hit the ground running. Now, we take the next vital steps in strengthening the strategic foundation of our business model, and I am in no doubt that the new management have both the experience and knowledge to push the entire GateHouse Group forward, Michael Bondo Andersen says and adds:

– Overall, the new managerial setup will strengthen the core business of our subsidiaries. In recent years, we have seen a growing demand within the markets of all our subsidiaries. Therefore, it is now time to improve our sales operations and commercial activities to cement our leading market position.

Subsidiaries with leading positions in growing markets

Today, both GateHouse Maritime and GateHouse SatCom look into growing markets. In the maritime industry, GateHouse Maritime provides market leading data insights as a reliant tool for supply chain optimization. For GateHouse SatCom, it has especially been the increasing interest in space-based 5G network that has had a positive impact on the business.

Common for the strategic foundation in both GateHouse Maritime and GateHouse SatCom is a go-to-market strategy that aims to make the frontrunning services available to everyone in the market. A strategy that will now be further supported by the new management:

– An important strategic focus for GateHouse Maritime and GateHouse SatCom will be to improve the availability of services and not only offer proprietary solutions. Our subsidiaries have a great track record of working with leading governmental and private partners, and that is largely due to our strategy of developing services to markets instead of companies, Michael Bondo Andersen says.

In the fall of 2020, GateHouse’s incubator company, Igniter, invested in the software start-up, CleanQuote, with an ambition to disrupt the market for cleaning supply in the dry bulk shipping industry. Together with CleanQuote’s founder, GateHouse Group’s CFO, Kenney Vesteraa Christiansen, will now take charge of growing the company:

– We have a great partnership with the founder of CleanQuote, Lasse Ekdahl, and we look forward to continuing the impressive progress that CleanQuote has seen the last six months. At GateHouse, innovation and entrepreneurship have always been highly valued, and therefore, we are glad to see how our entrepreneurial partnerships can grow into frontrunning companies with the help of our extensive know-how, Michael Bondo Andersen remarks.

The organizational changes in GateHouse Group and subsidiaries were brought into effect April 1.