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Vessel Schedules

How would the right insight allow you to improve your planning? With the Vessel Schedules service, you can get a better overview and make informed decisions.

Plan effectively with operational vessel schedule updates

Vessel Schedules offers near real-time information on all deep-sea container services and specific container vessel schedules. This data leads to actionable insights and easier planning.

Get answers to:

  • Which carriers can ship my stuff from A to B?
  • Which is the fastest service from A to B?
  • Which service can deliver my stuff before my deadline?
  • Do I have usable Port of Loading/Port of Discharge alternatives in case of known congestion issues?

Get intermediate port calls, arrival and departure estimates, vessel information, and port/terminal information with all schedules for full visibility.

Vessel Schedules provides both a point-to-point and a vessel centric data service. The point-to-point service gives a list of vessel schedules from your required Port of Loading to your required Port of Discharge. The vessel centric service provides schedule information regarding a specific vessel from different carriers.


OceanIO provides a comprehensive, scalable and robust platform to support the next generation of logistics services with machine-learning driven predictive services. It provides a comprehensive, scalable and robust platform and services covering easy-to-consume, real-time and historic data data.

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A solid data foundation

Vessel schedules are unified across all ocean carriers to provide an easy, comparable output. The OceanIO Vessel Schedules service is DCSA compliant. The unified output includes all port calls tagged with UN location codes and terminal codes.

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