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Flexible and scalable maritime solutions

GateHouse Maritime’s solution platform is flexible and scalable. It is designed to support Software as a Service (SaaS) and Data as a Service (DaaS) capabilities to facilitate system integration, but can also be provided with sophisticated data display and visualization tools.

Make decisions based on data

Looking for the best-in-class tools for operating based on operational pictures, advanced statistics and situational awareness? The GateHouse Maritime solutions is employed by decision makers and operators all over the world. Each solution can be used individually or be combined for a custom maritime solution.

Maritime Connect

Unrivaled monitoring and analysis of real-time and historical AIS data – delivering a comprehensive and operational maritime overview. Maritime Connect is the platform to which you can add all the modules you need on top to make the perfect solution to fit your needs.

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Maritime Port

The Maritime Port solution enables easy and cost-effective management of arrivals and warps in ports of all sizes.

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Maritime Pilot

Maritime Pilot can assist in cutting operating costs, analyzing competitor operations, ease and improve planning processes.

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Maritime Tugboat

Maritime Tugboat can assist in cutting operating costs, analyzing competitor operations, ease and improve billing processes.

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Maritime Offshore

The Maritime Offshore solutions enable both crucial real-time response to potential threats and preventive actions based on historical data.

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Maritime AtoN

Zone-specific alarms and event triggers enable users to take proactive measures to monitor vessel traffic in close proximity to physical AtoNs.

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Maritime Analytics

Drill down into and investigate maritime traffic to base your traffic management decisions on derived facts rather than assumptions.

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Maritime Intelligence

Extract valuable intelligence and enhance control through increased maritime domain awareness.

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Maritime Risk Analysis

Rapid execution of high-quality risk analysis. IWRAP Mk2 is a unique set of features designed specifically for maritime risk assessment.

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Maritime Data Management

The backbone of the AIS network for a number of maritime authorities worldwide.

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