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273 billion data points to support your decisions

Easy access to historical and real-time data

Customize data to your requirements

Enable meaningful, data-driven analyses

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Maritime Data Foundation to support your decision-making

With combined data from ports, vessels and containers, you get the optimum maritime data foundation for informed decision-making. GateHouse provides easy-to-consume data that enables you to optimize your processes and track your performance.

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Data points generated today:

Historical and real-time data
from ports, vessels, and container events


5,000 ports

We supply master data for all major terminals in main ports which makes a total of about 5,000 ports worldwide.


250,000 vessels

Get data from 250,000 vessels with AIS transponders around the world. We provide historical and real-time data.

container information

5,000,000 containers

We track every container event for 5 million containers in circulation worldwide.


Enrich your analyses with Maritime Data Foundation

Optimize and grow your business with big data from GateHouse. Our powerful and dynamic Maritime Data Foundation, consisting of 273 billion data points and counting; 150 million data point are added every day, along with 30+ analysis and predictive models, are used for data-driven decisions by maritime operators worldwide.

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Save time and reduce errors

Getting information in different formats from different providers can be a real pain for many. With data from GateHouse Maritime Data Foundation, you get data in a uniform format, which will save time, reduce errors and ease integration.


High-quality data to build a solid foundation

You can use the GateHouse Maritime Data Foundation to build a solid foundation of sufficient, high-quality data, and then bring the data into your daily operations.

  • Machine learning: We provide machine learning solutions that you can apply to real problems and real data (a mix of your own data and the Maritime Data Foundation).
  • APIs: We offer robust, out-of-the-box integrations that gives you access to maritime data that complement your enterprise data and enhance your analyses.
  • Client or purpose-built applications: The data go into your eisting applications or into custom-built applications.
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Beyond real-time

Master data combined with AIS data gives you the optimum conditions to see and analyze both real-time and historical data.

Machine learning

The more data, the better machine learning. Build intelligence into algorithms with Maritime Data Foundation and get an even better platform for turning your decisions into business action.

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Accessible data, your way

We deliver easy-to-consume data the way you need it – either as a subscription or as a one-off-offer.

Offshore pipelines

GateHouse Maritime will provide data analytics tools to Monitor Gas Pipeline in the Baltic Sea

With a solid data foundation, automated monitoring and alarms eliminate the need for manual surveillance as well as human errors or oversight. Furthermore, we detect patterns in the maritime data that can enable reports of near miss situations which can be used to highlight areas that are of potential risk and prevent damages in the future.

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Vessel RealTime

Get real-time information about container vessel location based on satellite and terrestrial AIS data for +5,000 container vessels.

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Container Tracking

Status events for containers for major carriers and terminals (Gate In, Loaded, Embarked, Discharged, Gate Out etc.)

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Arrival Prediction

Machine learning-based predictive ETAs for +5,000 container vessels. It even takes intermediate port calls into consideration.

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Alerts, notifications

Ocean Analytics

Get information such as congestion, anchorage time, demurrage & detention, carrier performance, and more.

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