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Asset protection for offshore pipelines

Reduce the risk of damage to sub-sea infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively

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Act proactively against threats

Despite regulation of traffic and activities in protection zones around pipeline infrastructures, damage caused by vessels may pose substantial threats to the expected lifetime of pipelines. The environmental aspects and economic consequences can be significant.

The asset protection solution for offshore pipelines is a proactive solution which reduces the risk of damages to the sub-sea pipeline infrastructure. It increases awareness in the offshore pipeline surveillance zones and assets, and it provides the intelligence required to optimize preventive measures at sea level and focus maintenance efforts around the most exposed sections at the seabed.

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Alerts, notifications

Minimize the risk of damage to pipelines

Event detection algorithms enable zone-specific detection of sea-level events with probability of interference on the structural integrity of the sub-sea pipeline infrastructure. Vessels entering the protection zones are automatically warned, in case they show evidence of potentially violating behavior.

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Preventive maintenance efforts

Integrated surveillance statistics, based on ship traffic, provide the ability to focus maintenance efforts on the sections of the pipeline with the highest probability of damage. This can significantly reduce the cost related to for example pigging since you can easily identify the most exposed sections.

Filters, Exception handling

Preventive security measures

Traffic pattern analysis, traffic density plots, event type frequencies and locations provide basis for preventive measures at sea level such as placement of e.g. buoys, and virtual AtoNs.


Identify and document perpetrators

All activity in the defined surveillance zones is logged which provides the best possible evidence for correlating the occurrence of damages with identifiable vessels.

Offshore pipelines

Vessels causing significant pipeline failures

Consequences of subsea pipelines failures can be severe and lead to major pollution incidents and costly repairs.

Based on a historical review of pipeline failure primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, National Research Council (NRC) concludes that the most significant pipeline failures derive from damage caused by vessels and their gear. In deeper water, fishing vessels risk tearing nets and other gears on the pipeline features and occasionally causing leaks, while larger vessels may drag their anchors across the pipelines, resulting in bending or cracking.

Focusing monitoring efforts on specific types of vessels is an effective way to minimize the probability of threats and damages to the integrity of subsea pipelines.

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We can now identify and document perpetrators which is undeniable proof in insurance lawsuits. This has already resulted in compensations for millions.

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Offshore oil rig

GateHouse Maritime to monitor Gas Pipeline in the Baltic Sea

As part of the increasing demand for offshore surveillance, GateHouse Maritime, has won a contract issued by gas transmission system operator, GAZ-SYSTEM. With the 5-year contract, GateHouse Maritime will provide data analytics to automate monitoring of a new gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea which will deliver Norwegian gas to Danish and Polish households.

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The surveillance zones can be defined around the pipeline to
trigger automatic alarms when a vessel shows abnormal behavior


The event detection algorithms enable zone-specific, rule-based surveillance and detection of sea level events with probability of interference and effect on the structural integrity of sub-sea pipeline infrastructure. It enables you to set up event triggers that accurately detects abnormal events and derivatives in the configured surveillance zone.

Obvious events are anchoring, fishing, drifting/vessel in distress, and passage time. Surveillance zones are defined using pipeline waypoints and width of the individual zone. It is highly configurable and flexible and can be set up to fit the precise surveillance requirements in any section of the pipeline structure.

Display of a subset of registered AIS messages: position,
time stamp, and speed over ground for a vessel operating in and
around the pipeline surveillance zone.

Automated and real-time surveillance

If a WatchDog is triggered, operators and watch standing officers at the violating vessel are automatically notified in real-time. Intelligent filtering minimizes false positive alarms, e.g. alarms caused by vessels with legitimate presence in the surveillance zone. Manual operator intervention is only required if a vessel continues to show abnormal behavior, or the probability of violation is high.

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Statistics and reports

Based on logged tracks and events, the system automatically and on schedule, e.g. on a weekly or a monthly basis, generates advanced statistical reports. Changes in traffic patterns and traffic density plots are reported and visualized, for optimal usability of the data.

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Technical description

The asset protection solution for offshore pipelines is based on our widely used and field proven AIS software – implemented by coast guards and maritime administrations worldwide.

SaaS or DaaS solution

The solution can be provided as both SaaS (Software as a Service) or DaaS (Data as a Service). Our DaaS solution is perfect if your organization already has a solution in place but need to add more capabilities. Our SaaS solution includes a web-based display for operators and an event notification server hosted by GateHouse Maritime.

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