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Asset protection for oil and gas rigs

Proactive protection of offshore structures – and timely responses to potential threats.

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Act proactively against potential threats

Given the potential for environmental catastrophes and collateral damage, maritime and offshore safety is very important. The AIS-based solution from GateHouse Maritime lets you monitor and communicate with vessels in specified areas and it provides visibility regarding the movements of supply vessels. The enhanced visibility and communication options provide effective and actionable intelligence on any movements in proximity to your offshore structures – enabling you to act proactively regarding potential threats.

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The solution for your challenges


Timely response to potential threats

Enhanced visibility and early warnings of potential threats to the assets allows operators to protect the structures and avoid expensive downtime caused by collisions with platforms or infrastructure.


Identify and document perpetrators

All activity in the defined surveillance zones is logged which provides the best possible evidence for correlating the occurrence of damages with identifiable vessels.

Filters, Exception handling

Situational awareness without information overload

Features such as alerts (WatchDogs) and custom coloring of vessels on the graphical display system ensure that operators are not overloaded by irrelevant information. This enables them to concentrate on other tasks.

Alerts, notifications

Preventive inspection, maintenance, and security

Advanced statistical analyses of traffic patterns in and around a platform enable continuous risk assessment and better marking of the platform and its assets. Traffic pattern analysis, traffic density plots, event type frequencies and locations provide direct decision support for preventive measures, such as virtual AtoNs.

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We can now identify and document perpetrators which is undeniable proof in insurance lawsuits. This has already resulted in compensations for millions.

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GateHouse Maritime to monitor Gas Pipeline in the Baltic Sea

As part of the increasing demand for offshore surveillance, GateHouse Maritime, has won a contract issued by gas transmission system operator, GAZ-SYSTEM. With the 5-year contract, GateHouse Maritime will provide data analytics to automate monitoring of a new gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea which will deliver Norwegian gas to Danish and Polish households.

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Ship information

When the user clicks on a target (e.g. an AIS equipped ship, base station, virtual area, etc.) on the map, information about the target is displayed in the information window. All ship information can be displayed as labels on the map, attached to each ship. Historical tracks and projected heading can also be displayed for selected ships.

oil and gas rigs alerts


The WatchDog feature is used to analyse the AIS data stream and generate alerts in case of a user-defined events, e.g.:

  • The Region WatchDog will monitor vessel traffic within a specified area. The WatchDog is activated when a vessel enters the area and deactivated when it leaves the area.
  • The Passage Line WatchDog will monitor a specified passage line for vessel crossings.
  • CPA WatchDog: The Closest Point of Approach/Time to Closest Point of Approach WatchDog can be set up to trigger alarms if a ship gets too close to a fixed structure.
  • WatchDog event notification: WatchDogs can be set up to detect important events (such as: near-miss, collision course or if vessel enter/exit an area) and to notify users via e-mail or SMS.
automatic event detection for offshore assets

Automatic event detection

  • Safety zones around the object to protect​
    • Zone 2: Warning to control centre (SMS/E-mail/audio)​
    • Zone 1 & CPA: Alarm to control centre and AIS message to vessel​
    • Zone 0: Alarm to control centre, AIS message and manual VHF call-up to vessel​
    • or other configurations​
  • All warnings/alarms logged at Control Centre​
  • Replay of events​
  • Automatic warnings/alarms​
  • Friend / Foe ship list to avoid false positives​
  • Option for vessel traffic statistics​
  • Option for actuator integration: sounds and lights

Mouse position and measurement tool

Latitude and longitude of mouse pointer are shown. Measurements can be done on the displayed map and distances will be displayed in nautical miles.

Replay mode

This allows the user to switch between Online mode and Replay mode. Replay mode allows the user to display old AIS data stored in the database. Online mode shows data as they are received from ships.

Technical description

The asset protection solution for Offshore Oil & Gas Rigs is based on our widely used and field proven AIS software – implemented by coast guards and maritime administrations worldwide.

SaaS or DaaS solution

The solution can be provided as both SaaS (Software as a Service) or DaaS (Data as a Service). Our DaaS solution is perfect if your organization already has a solution in place but need to add more capabilities. Our SaaS solution includes a web-based display for operators and an event notification server hosted by GateHouse Maritime.

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