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Maritime Offshore

Automated and reliable monitoring and surveillance of offshore structures and vessels for maritime operators. Enhanced visibility and awareness of potential threats allows operators to protect costly assets and avoid expensive down time caused by collisions with offshore platforms or infrastructure.

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Timely response to potential threats

Maritime safety in the proximity of offshore assets is of paramount importance. Surveillance solutions from GateHouse constitute a proactive and auto­ma­ted preventive approach to minimizing the probability of threats and damages to the integrity of the offshore assets. Early warnings and direct communication with vessels approaching is a cost-effective way to increase the probability of diverting a vessel on collision course. Supplements and integrates easily with existing monitoring solutions and warning technologies (i.e. fog horns and strobe lights).

Event detection and filtering of vessels

Intelligent event detection enables zone-specific, rule-based detection of sea level events with probability of interference and effect on the structural integrity of assets – both fixed, floating and subsea assets. And the advanced filtering features allow operators to closely monitor all vessels – both excluding or including own supply vessels.

Gatehouse Maritime automatic event detection

Identification of preventive security measures

Advanced statistical features enable traffic pattern analysis, traffic density plots, event type frequencies and locations, e.g. near-miss situations to provide direct decision support tools for additional preventive measures.

A solution for your specific needs

The Offshore solutions constitute a proactive and automated preventive approach to minimizing the probability of threats and damages to offshore and subsea assets such as:

Offshore and subsea structures are generally extremely sensitive to downtime both in terms of direct and associated costs. They are also often a part of critical infrastructure – inflicting more than just economical damage when out of commission. As an example, subsea telecommunication cables constitute a backbone of the global communications network, and subsea power transmission cables play a key role in current and planned transnational infrastructures which gradually will integrate EU power markets and supplies.

Despite regulation of traffic and activities in protection zones around cable infrastructures and clear markings on navigational charts, damages caused by vessels occur – e.g. inflicted by bottom trawling or anchors which pose substantial threats to the integrity and expected or residual lifetime of the cables. The economical and societal consequences can be significant.

Maritime Offshore constitutes a proactive and automated solution which effectively reduces the risk of damages to the offshore and subsea structures. It increases awareness in and around the designated surveillance zones, and it provides the intelligence required to optimize preventive measures at sea level and focus inspection and maintenance efforts at the seabed where most relevant.

The solution is based on our widely used and field proven AIS software – implemented by coast guards and maritime administrations worldwide. The solution includes a web-based display for operators and an event notification server hosted by GateHouse Maritime.

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GateHouse Maritime Wins Contract to Monitor Gas Pipeline in the Baltic Sea

As part of the increasing demand for offshore surveillance, maritime analytics and data leader, GateHouse Maritime, has won a contract issued by gas transmission system operator, GAZ-SYSTEM. With the 5-year contract, GateHouse Maritime will provide data analytics to automate monitoring of a new gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea which will deliver Norwegian gas to Danish and Polish households.

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man sitting on maritime offshore pipelines

Save costs and reduce risks

Maritime Offshore enables cost savings on several fronts. With automation of surveillance and alarms, the solution efficiently eliminates the need for manual surveillance as well as the risk for human errors or oversight. Timely responses reduce the risk of collisions and subsequently the risk of downtime and the cost associated hereto. The powerful analytics features of the solution also enable reports of near miss situations, which can be used as a guideline for where maintenance efforts relating to e.g. subsea pipelines should be focused.

We can now identify and document perpetrators which is undeniable proof in insurance lawsuits. This has already resulted in compensations for millions.

Bo G. Christensen, Project Manager
TELE Greenland

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Proactive reaction to threats

Maritime Offshore significantly eases the daily task of surveillance and offshore monitoring while also securing the optimal tools for proactive reactions to collision threats. Advanced filtering features allow you to closely monitor all vessels – both excluding or including own supply vessels.

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