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Maritime Asset Protection

Flexible and scalable asset protection tools from GateHouse Maritime.

Make decisions based on data

Looking for the best-in-class tools for asset protection, advanced statistics and situational awareness? The GateHouse Maritime Asset Protection tools are employed by decision makers and operators all over the world. Each tool can be used individually or be combined for a custom maritime solution.


Dedicated Asset Protection tools

With Maritime Asset Protection, you get dedicated tools for monitoring your assets using geofencing.

You can choose between different tools suited for your business, e.g. Maritime Offshore, with various offshore installation protection tool for your specific business need are available such as Offshore Rigs, Offshore Cables, Offshore Pipelines, and Offshore Wind​, Maritime AtoN, and Maritime Risk Analysis (IWRAP).

Choose the tool suited for your business

oil rig and ship in the sunset

Maritime Offshore

The Maritime Offshore solutions enable both crucial real-time response to potential threats and preventive actions based on historical data.

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buoy at sea

Maritime AtoN

Zone-specific alarms and event triggers enable users to take proactive measures to monitor vessel traffic in close proximity to physical AtoNs.

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vessel at sea

Maritime Risk Analysis

Rapid execution of high-quality risk analysis. IWRAP Mk2 is a unique set of features designed specifically for maritime risk assessment.

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