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Maritime Asset Protection

Flexible and scalable asset protection solutions from GateHouse Maritime.

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Looking for the best-in-class solution for asset protection, advanced statistics and situational awareness? The GateHouse Maritime Asset Protection solutions are employed by decision makers and operators all over the world. Each solution can be used individually or be combined for a custom maritime solution.

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Offshore wind farms

Offshore wind farms

Proactive protection of your offshore wind farms – and timely responses to potential threats.

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Offshore oilrigs

Offshore oil & gas rigs

Get timely responses to potential threats with a proactive protection of offshore structures.

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Offshore pipelines

Offshore pipelines

Reduce the risk of damage to sub-sea infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Subsea cables

Offshore cables

Reduce the risk of damage to offshore transmission cable infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

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buoy at sea

Maritime AtoN

Zone-specific alarms and event triggers enable users to take proactive measures to monitor vessel traffic in close proximity to physical AtoNs.

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vessel at sea

Maritime Risk Analysis

Rapid execution of high-quality risk analysis. IWRAP Mk2 is a unique set of features designed specifically for maritime risk assessment.

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Offshore oil rig

GateHouse Maritime to monitor Gas Pipeline in the Baltic Sea

As part of the increasing demand for offshore surveillance, GateHouse Maritime, has won a contract issued by gas transmission system operator, GAZ-SYSTEM. With the 5-year contract, GateHouse Maritime will provide data analytics to automate monitoring of a new gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea which will deliver Norwegian gas to Danish and Polish households.

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Intelligent Event Detection

Intelligent Event Detection from GateHouse Maritime constitutes a proactive and automated preventative approach to minimizing the probability of threats and damage to the integrity of maritime assets.

Watch how to set up intelligent event detection in this video!

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We can now identify and document perpetrators which is undeniable proof in insurance lawsuits. This has already resulted in compensations for millions.

TELE Greenland

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Proactive reaction to threats

The GateHouse Asset Protection solutions significantly ease the daily task of surveillance and offshore monitoring while also securing the optimal tools for proactive reactions to collision threats. Advanced filtering features allow you to closely monitor all vessels – both excluding or including own supply vessels.

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