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Maritime Asset Protection

Be proactive against potential threats to offshore assets.

Prevent future damage with offshore asset protection

The automated offshore monitoring will enable you to communicate with vessels in specified areas and provides full visibility of supply vessels movements.

It works quite simply.

  • Vessels enter the protection zones
  • System operators are automatically notified.
  • Rules can be associated with the protection zones, helping ensure that only the vessels of interest trigger the alarm.

These early warnings based on sophisticated filtering and automated communication with operators and vessels are cost-effective ways to help prevent damages to offshore structures.

Make decisions based on data

Looking for the best solution for offshore asset protection, advanced statistics and situational awareness? With a solid data foundation based on worldwide AIS data coverage, our Maritime Asset Protection solution reduces the need for manual surveillance.

The powerful analytics features of the solution detect patterns in the maritime data that can trigger alarms or generate reports highlighting areas of traffic concentration, near misses and anomalous transits through the protected area. These insights can highlight areas containing potential risk that enables you to take action to prevent future damage.


Choose the solution suited for your business

Offshore wind farms

Wind farms

Proactive protection of your offshore wind farms – and timely responses to potential threats.

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Offshore oilrigs

Oil & gas rigs

Be proactive in regard to collision threats and ease the daily task of surveillance and offshore monitoring.

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Offshore pipelines

Subsea pipelines

Reduce the risk of damage to subsea infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Subsea cables

Subsea cables

Reduce the risk of damage to offshore transmission cable infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

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buoy at sea

Maritime AtoN

Zone-specific alarms and event triggers enable users to take proactive measures to monitor vessel traffic in close proximity to physical AtoNs.

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vessel at sea

Maritime Risk Analysis

Rapid execution of high-quality risk analysis. IWRAP Mk2 is a unique set of features designed specifically for maritime risk assessment.

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Save time with configurable features

Available as either a Software as a Service (SaaS) or Data as a Service (DaaS) solution, the Maritime Asset Protection solution can consist of a browser-based interface or be easily integrated into your own systems. With this service, you will get access to maritime data through an API and save time otherwise spent on adapting to a new system.

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How to protect offshore structures with geofencing

Intelligent Event Detection from GateHouse Maritime constitutes a proactive and automated preventative approach to minimizing the probability of threats and damage to the integrity of maritime assets.

Watch the video to learn how to set up intelligent event detection.


Rely on statistical reports

All activity in the defined surveillance zones is logged which provides the best possible evidence for correlating the occurrence of damages with identifiable vessels. In case of an incident, the perpetrating vessel can easily be identified, and its presence be documented for compensational purposes.

Based on logged tracks and events, the system automatically and on schedule generates advanced statistical reports. Changes in traffic patterns, traffic density plots, event type frequencies and locations in the surveillance zone(s) etc. are reported and visualized for optimal usability of the data.

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