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Empower your IoT solution with plug-and-play maritime data service

300 billion ways to improve your business

With more than 300 billion data points from ports, vessels, and container events you can give your clients
a high quality and rock-solid foundation for data-driven decisions with GateHouse Maritime Data Foundation. 




Get our stream of big data in your dashboard in a smooth plug-and-play integration. Combine and compliment your IoT data with maritime data and offer your clients a precise and holistic view of the end-to-end journey. 

Unified format

Get maritime data in a uniform format from just a single source. We take care of data collection and unification; you can focus on using the data to enrich your business and support your customers.  

High quality data

Provide the best data service to your clients with accurate arrival predictions and vessel locations. We add around 150 million data points every day from 5,000 ports, 250,000 vessels and 5,000,000 containers. 

Plug-and-play maritime data

Get ocean transport data in an easy to integrate uniform data stream. You can get unlimited access to precise vessel ETAs and more based on 20 years of collected data from thousands of data sources paired with advanced algorithms. 

Via an API, the data stream is seamlessly integrated in your dashboard, where it delivers insights alongside your other data sources. 

Want to increase your customer satisfaction?

Subscribe to GateHouse data services and enhance your offerings with:

  • Unlimited access to a market leading data service 
  • A cost-efficient, plug-and-play solution  
  • Predictions and insights into vessel arrivals and departures 
  • Real-time container tracking directly in your dashboard via IMO 
  • Push messages and early warnings in case of unexpected transshipments or other delays  
  • Better control and traceability of your clients’ cargo 
  • Crucial information about sensitive deliveries in case of temperature drops or other changes in status 
  • End-to-end monitoring of shipments to help your clients cut losses and improve their business 
  • …and much more!

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