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Discharge Prediction

Don’t be left wondering “When will my container be available for pickup?” With the right data, you will already know.

Stay informed and on schedule

Using the Discharge Prediction service to predict when your container will be available for pickup enables you to:

  • Easily optimize pickup planning
  • Provide better service to customers via faster delivery
  • Avoid unnecessary demurrage fees
  • Establish contingency plans for and be proactive in the case of deviations
  • Improve customer relations by informing your customer about potential delays

Save both time and money by improving the accuracy of your predicted discharge times.

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How it works

IoT solution

Historical discharge events are collected and added to the data lake, to support upcoming discharge predictions.

A precise estimate is provided regarding the the future discharge event. This prediction is calculated based on oceanIO data.


Prediction updates are generated each 8 hours and exception notifications are generated when our discharge predictions have changed significantly.

A growing data foundation

Discharge Prediction data is recalculated every 8 hours, to ensure continued accuracy and relevance.

Built on market-leading historical data, as part of the OceanIO platform. OceanIO is built on GateHouse’s Maritime Data Foundation, which is a collection of over 350 billion high-quality maritime data points.

More about the data

Data availability

Data regarding discharge information can be obtained through both push and pull methods.

Via push: Receive updates on discharge prediction as soon as our model recalculates

Via pull: Request discharge predictions on specific containers or all currently tracked containers