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Global container tracking for freight forwarders

Get full visibility on where your containers are located as well as knowing when they are going to arrive with our powerful maritime data foundation.

Upgrade to data-driven customer service

In a world where time is money, reducing time spent on manual processes and fixing avoidable issues can be very profitable. There is always the potential for unexpected issues, but what matters is how fast you can implement a solution. Data providing real time monitoring of container transport events as well as predictions and early warnings of delays, allows you to be proactive.

Machine learning combined with historical data provides you with precise, predictive ETAs and vessel locations. When you know when your containers are ready to be picked up, you can avoid demurrage charges or disputes due to late arrivals or lack of insight.

Full Transport Overview

GateHouse Maritime’s Container Tracking solution merges data about arrival, destination, and vessel tracking – providing you with a full picture of current and future status. The ability to track containers across carriers provides transparency and insight throughout the entire process.


Early warnings

Sometimes, things happen. But a quick response relies on predictive data that can provide you with early warnings. With the right amount of knowledge, you can avoid issues related to transshipments, customs, demurrage, port waiting time, and more. Intelligent filters easily detect delays or changes that require attention, so you can react quickly when it matters.

Event notifications

Be alerted when a scheduled arrival is going to be late or early. Get alerts when events occur, such as containers loaded, arrived, or discharged. Go from reactive to proactive, spending less time cleaning up messes and more time focusing on your core business.


system integration

Painless integration

Continuously receive easy-to-access data in a format that is easily integrated with Cargowise and other dashboards or systems, reducing development costs and hours of integration.

The powerful data foundation, consisting of over 350 billion data points and 30+ analysis and predictive models, is used for data-driven decisions and operations by carriers and freight forwarders worldwide. No manual updating of the data pool is necessary, so you can use your time and energy on value-adding factors that will improve your business and give you happy and loyal customers.

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