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Container Tracking

Container Tracking enables you to follow any container in real time from port to port using GateHouse’s DaaS tracking solution

Real-time tracking

Receive updated delivery times, by tracking containers even when they are still at sea, and provide your customers with real-time status and precise ETAs for their goods.

Painless integration

Save time and reduce errors by integrating our data into your current, familiar system.

End-to-end visibility

Tracking +5,000 container vessels worldwide, we provide you with true ocean visibility from Gate In to Gate Out.

Mid-journey updates

Gain continuous predicted discharge updates throughout your journey with our premium feature, Discharge Prediction.

Premium feature: Discharge Prediction

Container Discharge events are predicted based on the OceanIO data foundation and updated frequently. Exception notifications are generated when our discharge predictions have changed significantly.

Using the Discharge Prediction service to predict when your container will be available for pickup enables you to:

  • Easily optimize pickup planning
  • Avoid unnecessary demurrage fees
  • Be proactive in the case of deviations
  • Inform your customer about potential delays
  • Save both time and money by improving the accuracy of your predicted discharge times

A DaaS Solution

Container tracking is provided as a data service which integrates easily with your current enterprise system. You will receive information on:

  • Vessel Name, MMSI & IMO
  • Container status events (from Gate In to Gate Out)
  • Current vessel location/port
  • Time stamp & timezone
  • Voyage number
  • Port of origin, last loading, next destination, final destination
  • ETA, ATA, ETD, ATD to/from specific ports

Mitigate transshipments

You will be informed if your containers change vessel along the journey, giving you the necessary visibility to adjust shipping schedules or interpret delayed cargo.

Take into account Bill of Lading

Our support of data from B/L enables search for grouping of containers with a 98% coverage of all carriers. Quickly get an overview and status for each container associated with the B/L.

Container Tracking

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