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GateHouse Maritime set to lead exciting digitization project in the maritime Denmark
December 12, 2016 / Press Releases

GateHouse Maritime set to lead exciting digitization project in the maritime Denmark

Digitisation is the new buzzword everywhere these days and of course also in the Maritime industry – that’s why GateHouse now initiate a pilot project to provide participants with tangible experience with some of the benefits that digitisation can create.

With support from the Danish Maritime Fund and together with the Danish Maritime Authority, Uni-Tankers, DFDS, Logimatic and two major equipment manufacturers, GateHouse Maritime initiates a pilot project called: ‘Maritime Connectivity’, in January 2017.

The purpose of the Maritime Connectivity project is to develop and establish a data service, that makes it possible to collect and transfer data online from selected equipment/machinery onboard a ship and make the data available onshore.

It will be a shared data service, which Gatehouse Maritime develops and administers. We will make sure that all data are collected from the various manufacturers’ equipment on the ships and subsequently we will ensure, that the data is sent to the proper recipients using satellite or alternatively WiFi / mobile network.

Participants in the pilot project will obtain knowledge and experience with having remote access to online data from the equipment onboard the ships and in that way this will allow them to gain “hands on” experience with the benefits, that these data provide for each company and the entire marine ecosystem. These benefits we imagine to be particularly evident in correlation to for example Condition Based Maintenance and in correlation to control vessels sulfur emissions.

In the Maritime Connectivity project Gatehouse utilizes its many years of experience with tracking and surveillance of ships, our almost two decades of expertise in satellite communications and especially our experience in the tracking and monitoring of trailers/trucks onshore, where we collect and transmit thousands of data to the different actors in the transport value chain in a highly secured manner.

If there is no competitive overlap with the current participants, it is still possible for other equipment manufacturers and shipping companies to join the Maritime Connectivity project, so please feel free to contact us.