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October 13, 2015 / Spotlight

Who pays the bill for you not having access to the latest test equipment?

Within the land segment the BGAN Application Tester (BAT) has four main areas of application: M2M, Media, Government and Cyber hardening. Over the next couple of newsletters we wish to share our insights into what the BAT has to offer to the different areas. This time we focus on the utilization of BAT in regard to testing M2M applications.

In order to clearly illustrate how the BGAN Application Tester is used and the value it brings we have created both ‘One-pagers’ and ‘Application Notes’. The one-pager is meant to give you the quick overview of benefits and in the application notes the use is further described. The application note also includes a simple hands-on step-by-step guide.

When using the BAT to test M2M applications you achieve prominent advantages such as the ability to:

  • Optimize your M2M application for less data generation – and document it.
  • Stress test your application and accelerate the hardening process.
  • Identify the weak spots of your application.
  • Decrease time to market – and thereby shorten time to return on investment.

In our application notes we show an example where we want to test and optimize an application’s data usage behaviour when connected to the BGAN network in an area with a fair amount of data congestion.