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DECK1: Digitizing and automating offshore logistics

Increase transparency and raise efficiency with a global standard for offshore helicopter services. Deck1 connects the offshore industry with helicopter operators, which will ultimately lead to significant benefits for both users and helicopter operators.

Compare prices

Find and compare prices of helicopter operators in all regions of the world on the booking platform. User-preferences will be automated together with domestic and international regulations regarding B2B logistics, improving the booking process substantially.

Share helicopter services to reduce costs

By offering contracts down to single seats, the platform allows users to share helicopter services. In that way, users can locate helicopter services that fit their operation and – at the same time – reduce costs.

Valuable data

Analyze and evaluate logistics operations by use of collected data.

Optimize operations

Discover new possibilities in terms of fleet management. By making contracts more flexible, helicopter operators can now optimize their operations, leading to increased revenues and a substantial reduction of fossil fuel emissions.

A more profitable business

Deck1 helps users compare prices and optimize their logistics operations as well as raising the safety of their employees while offering helicopter operators the opportunity to optimize their fleet management, leading to a more profitable business and greener operation.

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