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Igniter is an incubation company investing in B2B software startups with the ambition and potential to scale exponentially.

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Looking for the next tech business succes

GateHouse Igniter is part of GateHouse Group. A holding company well known for its business units in the tech-industry; GateHouse Maritime and GateHouse Satcom. In 2020, GateHouse Group sold GateHouse Logistics to a major Amerian-based company. We learned that we have the team, the knowledge and the experience to invest in and support B2B tech or software startups.

In addition, our investment criteria include that the startup is in the Proof of Business phase and thus has paying customers and that the startup has a subscription-based business or the opportunity to create it.



Two startups ready to takeoff

Igniter collaborates with two startups who are ready to accelerate; CleanQuote and DECK1. Both companies have great B2B software ideas and ambitions to make it grow and scale into a new market technology.

Dry bulk vessel out at sea


CleanQuote delivers a platform that makes it easy for vessel managers to send a request and get the best offers from the most relevant suppliers of cleaning supplies fast, safely and with no obligations.

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windmill and helicopter at sea


DECK1 connects the offshore industry with helicopter operators. It is an independent, digital platform for planning, booking and handling of all types of offshore helicopter services.

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