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5G NB-IoT for satellites
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Great interest for 5G NB-IoT at the Small Satellite Conference

On August 7-12, GateHouse SatCom participated at the Small Satellite Conference with some of the industry leaders. One of our SatCom experts, René Brandborg Sørensen, contributed with a feasibility study of 5G NB-IoT via low density LEO constellations, a video presentation, and a successful Q&A session.

The attendees showed a great interest for our feasibility study on 5G NB-IoT. The submitted paper was downloaded almost twice as many times as the average number of downloads, which proves a great awareness of our work and research area.

The growth of the small satellite sector in the new space race along with the expectation that the number of in-service IoT devices will grow exponentially over the coming years makes the feasibility of 5G NB-IoT via LEO constellations an exciting area to study.”, says René Brandborg Sørensen.

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