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June 02, 2017 / News

Global RadioData Communications Ltd seize the opportunity to go off-air

Global RadioData Communications Ltd (GRC) are some of the first customers to adopt the Global Xpress Link Emulator into their test efforts.
The GLE’s many features, including for example signal degradation, bandwidth emulation, data usage counters and congestion, have proven very useful in the daily test efforts of GRC.

GRC work with mission critical communications, therefor, test and documentation of performance is of paramount importance.

“Our results have demonstrated that the GLE (from our observations) does replicate real world degradation and loading effects on a random data stream.”
– Phil Harvey, Senior Satellite Systems Engineer, GRC Ltd.

With the need to perform extensive testing, the GLE provides GRC with a unique opportunity to ‘go off-air’. To GRC and their customers, this is the greatest benefit as it enables them to avoid the use of expensive airtime when performing tests.

“Overall a good tool for assessing service tests without resorting to live airtime.”
– Phil Harvey, Senior Satellite Systems Engineer, GRC Ltd.

About GRC

Based in the UK and Dubai, Global RadioData Communications Ltd (GRC) develops and supplies mission critical communication products and solutions, including the provision of command and control, satellite, tracking, computing and intelligence systems.

Their comprehensive range of communications solutions enable military, emergency respondents, government, commercial and aid agency organisations to face critical communications challenges.

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