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Get 154% more leads to contact and maximize profit

Know which ships are coming your way with 97% probability

Know your leads 5 days prior to port arrival and beat your competitors

Destination Predictor

Would you like to know your potential customers five days out? With the Destination Predictor, you can! Discover how you can act proactively, sell more data-driven, and save time.

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Identify opportunities

Know which ships will pass within five days and identify new sales opportunities to make a smarter sales outreach. Plan ahead and make profit!

Operate proactively

Identify brand new targets you weren’t aware of before by operating proactively and data-driven. Send offers to potential customers before your competitors.

Save time & grow revenue

Grow revenue and maximize profit by identifying relevant vessels. By predicting your potential customer’s actions, you are off to a head start.

Predict vessel destinations five days out

Reviewing basic information, i.e. AIS destinations, traditionally requires a lot of work. You spend a lot of time looking at a map with AIS vessels and making phone calls.

With better database prognoses gained from using the Destination Predictor, you gain a competitive advantage because you can sell your services to the ship that arrives in five days. If you know it five days before, and your competitor only knows it one day before, you have the option to sell your services to the ship before your competitor – and to save time while doing it.

Who can benefit from using the Destination Predictor?

  • Pilot and Tugboat operators​
  • Ship maintenance and repair shops​
  • Vessel service shops: cleaning and painting etc.​
  • Maritime supply companies

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Get notified and save time

Every 15 minutes, the system will be updated with new info on vessels predicted to pass by your area of interest. And once a day, you will receive an email for your convenience. This saves you both time and trouble.

Personalize your data and act fast

Various filters allow you to receive the information you need. Spot your business opportunities to increase revenue.

All data in one place:
See it all at once

Receive all important information about a ship and be able to predict the needs of your potential customer.

Groundbreaking functionality

Machine learning and smart algorithms that improve every day. This functionality is what makes the Destination Predictor unique. With the Destination Predictor, you can automatically identify and track relevant vessels with a high probability of arriving, which by using traditional methods was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The groundbreaking functionality puts you ahead of competition making you able to predict your customers’ needs and plan ahead.

You can turn the data relevant to you into valuable actions and increase your revenue by predicting your customer’s destinations five days ahead.

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Calculate your gains and saving!

What impact would better data on vessels arriving in your area of interest have in your sales process?

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Increase your sales leads by 154%

A Working Paper from IMF states that 30% of all port calls are not announced in advance. That leaves you with just 70% of your potential customers. Identifying all port calls 24 hours before arrival would increase your leads by 30/70 = 43%. GateHouse has extended this research, so that we identify real port calls through AIS 5 days before arrival (to have ample time to reach out), and compare that to port calls identified through the Destination Predictor’s machine learning algorithms.

AIS identifies 29%, whereas the Destination Predictor identifies 74%, which is then (74-29)/29 = 154% increase in leads compared to if you’re only using AIS data.

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