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DECK1: Connecting the Offshore Market for a Sustainable Future

Our digital services connect stakeholders to find the right asset for the right job, increase asset utililazation, and wind turbine productivity, ultimately reducing carbon emissions from servicing the offshore industry.


A digital Ecosystem Network

DECK1’s software is digitizing and automating the offshore industry into one open market that is transparent, simple and reliable for providers, brokers, charterers, and all other stakeholders.

Our vision is to develop a complete online service platform, connecting commercial, operational and strategic aspects.


Search, compare and connect easily with logistics, equipment, safety providers, brokers or other service suppliers on an all-in-one platform.


Plan and manage operations on a daily basis. Stay compliant and up-to-date on operations with our innovative notification service and asset monitoring tools.


Improve your competitive edge by making data-driven, strategic, and operational decisions, using integrated analytical and datalearning services.

windmill and helicopter at sea

The DECK1 vision

To be the intelligent trade platform mapping demand and supply for the offshore services, allowing optimal decisions for businesses and the environment to thrive.

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