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End-to-end ocean visibility for freight forwarders

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Enriched data to ensure visibility

Your business depends on being punctual. If you are not on time, it is going to cost you. Sometimes, you need to adjust your plans. But do you have the information you need in time to make alternative plans?

It is essential to have full visibility of where your containers are located as well as knowing when they are going to arrive. And we can help you achieve that.

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Gatehouse Maritime Ocean Visibility Analytics

True ocean visibility in an easy-to-access format

GateHouse Maritime tracks containers. We keep an eye on the vessel and its arrival, and keep you informed, so that you can use this information to plan ahead.

We deliver what we believe is true ocean visibility. We bring you this information in a format that is easily integrated into your own system. In other words, we deliver a plug-and-play solution that saves you any development costs and hours of integration.

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The full picture

GateHouse Maritime’s Container Tracking solution brings you the information you need – when you need it. The information is a merge of data about arrival, destination, and AIS vessel tracking data and it gives you the full picture and takes ocean logistics planning to a new level. We track containers across carriers and cover many of the most important ones, providing transparency and insight of the entire process.

Exception handling

Swift, easy to access shipment information when you or your customers need it. You can set up intelligent filters that allow you to easily detect deliveries that require attention so you can react quickly when it matters.

Event notifications

Get alerted when a scheduled arrival will be arriving late. The smart algorithms give you precise and data-driven monitoring of container events. Get alerts when events occur, such as loaded, arrived, or discharged. When you are informed proactively about changes and events, you can plan ahead based on this information.

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Accurate ETAs and ship location

Real time status on containers and true ocean visibility can increase transparency and help you avoid otherwise unforeseeable delays. Machine learning combined with historical data provides you with precise ETA forecasts which gives you the best conditions to plan your next move. You will know when the containers are ready to get picked up and you can avoid demurrage charges which could otherwise be inflated due to late arrivals or lack of insight.

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Let our Ocean Visibility solutions solve your challenges

Our powerful data foundation, consisting of 273 billion data points and 30+ analysis and predictive models,
are used for data-driven decisions and operations by maritime operators worldwide.


Vessel RealTime

Get real-time information about container vessel location based on satellite and terrestrial AIS data for +5,000 container vessels.

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container information

Container Tracking

Status events for containers for major carriers and terminals (Gate In, Loaded, Embarked, Discharged, Gate Out etc.)

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Arrival Prediction

Machine learning-based predictive ETAs for +5,000 container vessels. It even takes intermediate port calls into consideration.

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Alerts, notifications

Ocean Analytics

Get information such as congestion, anchorage time, demurrage and detention, carrier performance, and more.

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Interested in learning more? Get an overview of features and functionality within the Container Tracking service.

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Unique Data Foundation provides unique insights

Not only does GateHouse Maritime collect event data from ocean carriers and container terminals, but we also continuously monitor ship movements and validate these data against expected and normal routes. This provides our users with a unique insight and more accurate ETAs, which is only made possible based on our Maritime Data Foundation.

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Keep your customers’ supply chains on track

Give your customers the service they need and help them keep their supply chains on track making the process of sharing end-to-end ocean visibility insights as easy as possible.

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Focus on your core competencies

If you focus on transportation and shipping, then let us deliver the data that you need for providing your customers with ocean visibility. You can avoid the hassle of maintaining and supporting and focus on value-adding factors that will improve your business and give you happy and loyal customers.

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Reduce development costs

We already built the solution so that you don’t have to. Get fast time to market with a cost-efficient solution that is both easy to use and easy to access. Get the data via an API directly into the system you know and avoid the trouble of introducing a new platform to your staff and customers.


Happy customers and increased profitability

By keeping your customers informed, you get a better relationship – and a strong relationship is essential in the logistics business. Your customers want to spend as little time possible tracking their shipments.

With Container Tracking, you can avoid manual processes and check calls and get alerted instead. This will increase efficiency for both you and your customers resulting in happy customers, a stronger relationship, and more profitability.

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