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March 07, 2018

Proactive protection of subsea cables

We can now identify and document perpetrators which is undeniable proof in insurance lawsuits. This has already resulted in compensations for millions. ” – Bo G. Christensen, Project Manager, TELE Greenland

The challenges

Sub-sea telecommunication cables constitute a critical part of national and transnational communication networks and infrastructures. Despite regulation of traffic and activities in protection zones around cable infrastructures and clear markings on navigational charts, damages caused by vessels occur – e.g. inflicted by bottom trawling or anchors which pose substantial threats to the integrity and expected or residual life time of the cables. The economical and societal consequences can be significant for TELE Greenland as well as the end users of their services.

The solutions

Event detection algorithms developed by GateHouse Maritime enable zone-specific detection of sea level events with probability of interference on the structural integrity of the sub-sea power and telecommunication cable infrastructures. Vessels approaching and entering the protection zones are automatically notified and warned, by message on display or by SMS/email, in case they show evidence of contingency or potentially violating behavior. These timely warnings are a valuable tool for prevention of damages. Furthermore, TELE Greenland is now able to easily identify and document perpetrators in relation to breakages on their sub-sea cables.

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About TELE Greenland

TELE Greenland creates national cohesion as a reliable supplier of telecommunications for all of Greenland. TELE Greenland is the operator of a 4,800-km fibre optic network. Part of this network is a submarine communications cable system that connects Canada, Greenland, and Iceland.