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Port of Aarhus
November 09, 2019

Port of Aarhus saves with GateHouse AIS solution

With accurate information on vessel position, the port is able to better schedule its labour ressources and reduce costs.

Port of Aarhus had the GateHouse AIS Port Solutions put into operation in 2006. The solution establishes a link from the sea to the port community, In this way, the port management receives alerts if vessels planned for berths are delayed, and the port management can communicate information about the delay to all the terminal operators and shore men in the port. Moreover, Port of Aarhus is also able to allocate the pilots and tugboat resources much netter than before.

The system provides another advantage. In case of incidents caused by vessels, resulting in damaged buoys or wharfs, the port will know exactly which vessel has caused the damage and consequently who is responsible. Previously it was not always easy to recover damages.

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About Port of Aarhus

The Port of Aarhus is Denmark’s largest container port with a market share of approx. 65 pct. and it is the largest, public bulk port with a market share of approx. 66 pct. This means that a very large part of the Danish consumer goods enter the country via the Port of Aarhus, just as a significant part of Danish exports are shipped via the port’s fine-meshed network of shipping routes throughout the world. The Port of Aarhus is also a significant ferry port, serving approximately 1,300,000 passenger cars and more than DKK 2.5 million annually. passengers.